Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Frozen Tundra

The mother has ventured out into the frozen tundra. There are some things she wanted to pick up and it wasn’t stuff I could just grab, so, out she went. Not me, man. It’s too d*mn cold!

I went out to feed the birds and set a bag of trash out earlier and just about died. Any more than a minute or two out there is brutal. Poor little creatures. I feel so bad for them when it’s like this.

We’re back into the single digits after hitting a high of 16 at some point today. And the wind chill factor? It hasn’t moved above zero ALL DAY. Sounds like tomorrow is going to be just a bit warmer, but not much. And tonight is supposed to be even colder than last night. UGH! The wind is still gusting occasionally, but is slowly backing away from its constant ferocity of earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, there’s been a buzz of activity inside. We’re still cleaning. Today, I took the refrigerator apart. What fun! I also scoured the oven. (The mother is also doing some organizing and some clothes switching so that has greatly impeded progress.) And, I had to wage war with the old toilet seat to change it for the new one. You’d think it’s a quick 5- or 10-minute job, but NO. Nothing here is quick or easy. OK, almost nothing. I caught a break with the new brass door knobs that I bought for the bathroom door and installed. Didn’t even have to drill new holes or in case, even remove the old screw. Gotta love that!

In a little bit, I’m going to start carrying the trash out. It’s going to be so freakin’ cold both tonight and tomorrow, but I just don’t want to deal with the cold tomorrow any more than I have to.

So, you can just call me Na-nic of the North ‘til it warms up again – which mercifully, it’s supposed to do later in the week.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE winter?


Jayne said...

I hate winter, too, especially when it's this cold. We've been hoping for no structure fires. This time of year the guys come back completely covered in ice. It's brutal.

Karen Anne said...

This year I got a birdbath heater. I noticed some of the birds sit on the edge of the birdbath now, apparently to warm their feet.

Anonymous said...