Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog Love Lacking

If my blogs were children, my other blog would be the proverbial "red-headed stepchild." In fact, it would already have been taken into protective custody by DCFS because I had neglected it for more than eight months!

That changed yesterday when I revisited and started catching up and pulling out family tree records. Genealogy is a hard task. For those of you who have been tracing the roots of your houses, like Jayne over at The Kelly House, you know how hard to locate – and often inaccurate – historical records can be. And houses don’t generally move around. People do.

And the folks who did censuses regularly got names and ages wrong. When you can even read what they wrote down. (Why did they employ some of the people with the most illegible handwriting EVER to record this historic information?!)

So you know what I’m up against.

And, add to that equation that I am doing multiple lines both maternal and paternal. (Someone shoot me now. It would be more merciful.) And then, there are those wonderful ancestors and their siblings and cousins who just HAD to name their children the SAME NAMES -- repeatedly. Yeah. Let's confuse the hell out of everyone looking for us 150 years later!

But, now I have a new option to occupy the time on my bus commutes …


Mama Martha said...

I can't say I see the problem with using the same name all the time. You know I come from a long line of Marthas and have my own little Martha too. There are 6 generations of us.
JK! I do get what a hassle it is. But I like being connected to all those other women in my family tree through our common name.

Jayne said...

Geneaology is both fascinating and frustrating, isn't it? I've kinda gone wild with the Kelly family, and they're not even my relatives! Common names run through my family, too. A tradition in our family is giving new babies middle names of other relatives. Mine is Elizabeth, after a cousin of my mom's; Dylan's is Keith, after my oldest brother.

Ann said...

Funny you mention this bc I was JUST thinking about wanting to do my family history!

MonkeyGirl said...

Someday I will take the box of stuff I have in the closet (or downstairs) and create a blog or some other official record of my dad's side of the family. Maybe that can take up 60 pages or so of my 240 for the year!