Saturday, January 3, 2009

Going to the Dogs

Coal the Labrador got to make his guest blogger debut following in the footsteps of our Yorkie pals Wylie and Marcel. So, it only seems fair that Ozzie gets to put his two cents in – or so he says. (Because he's older than all three of those guys combined. Hey, that's HIS reasoning, not mine.) So here goes Ozzie’s first meme!

What breed are you? I’m a Yorkie through and through but I have the constitution of a Doberman, especially when the mailman comes. My Co-dee (better known as NV to you) says I’m part moose.
How old are you? I’m a very young 11.5 years, thank you very much.
What is your full name? My Yorkie papers say I’m Sir Ozmund, but my girls named me Ozmund Anthony. Everyone calls me Ozzie though.
Do you have any nicknames? TONS! The Moose is the most common one, but that has become a whole bunch of other names including Mooberry Hill, Mooman, Mooby Doo, Mooie, Mootie Moo, and just plain Moo. There are some other ones when I’m bad, but since this is a PG-rated blog, I don’t think I should say ‘em.
Where do you sleep? Anywhere I want. I have my own bed and I start out there every night. Sometime before the alarm goes off or on the weekends, I bunk with the Co-dee. (That’s my favorite place.) After she goes to work, I go hang with the mother or else I lounge on the sofa. If the Co-dee is gone, the mother is my stand-in.
What is your favorite thing to do? Eat. There are only a handful of things I don’t like: shrimp, mushrooms, and tomatoes are chief among them. A close second is play. I live for squeaky toys or talking toys!
What is something interesting/unusual about you? I am one popular dude! There are a ton of Christmas cards on top of the entertainment center. They came from dozens of states and even from foreign countries. Guess who most of them were addressed to? Just guess! Oh – and I’m a calendar dog. I got a feature spot in the 2009 YorkieTalk calendar. But a lot of my Yorkie buds did, too. I think it’s cool.
Who is your best friend? The Co-dee. I would walk through fire to get to her. She feeds me, plays with me and fulfills my overwhelming need to snuggle.
Did you go to obedience school? I went to puppy kindergarten when I was about 6 months old. I graduated – with honors. It didn’t take though.
Can you do any tricks? I make food disappear. And I can destroy any squeaky toy ever made. It’s a hobby of mine.
Consider yourself tagged! Let your furry friends speak. And if you do, leave us a comment and let us know!


MonkeyGirl said...

Moo - this is Coal. Don't tell mom that I swiped her 'puter again but I wanted to thank you for the cool toys! I love swinging the tire around - it makes mom and dad really nervous and that makes me laugh! I'm glad you finally got to post too - take it from me, just stick your nose/paws/tongue in Co-dee's way every time she tries to post and she will eventually give in. Oops, gotta go run and lay down so mommy doesn't catch me in her room!

Lots of Licks and Sniffs - your pal Coal!

Kay said...

Orange cat says: "I am much too cool to participate in any meme thingie, especially one involving dogs. Now rub my head."

I tried.

Kay said...

Orange cat says: "I am much too cool to participate in any meme thingie, especially one involving dogs. Now rub my head."

I tried.

Jayne said...

Oh my gosh, this was so funny! "I make food disappear." hahahaha!! And Ozzie is one cute little dog. I'll see if I can get one of my own fur fiends to play along. :)

sewwhat? said...

Oh my gosh, do the cats have blogspots also? Then I can get into the fray!

Braja said...

I loved this :) But surely you have met Henry? Oh, you MUST....

NV said...

Coal -- Ozzie says to be careful and not get caught online!

Kay -- Toby has decided that he is way too superior to get in on this and watched disdainfully as Ozzie was online. So, I get you on this.

Jayne -- Thanks! He's our little clean-up crew when food hits the floor. Definitely glad you got yours in on the action, too!

sewwhat -- If Al doesn't think he is TOO cool or anything ...

Braja -- Welcome and thanks! I will check out Henry's site.

Anonymous said...