Monday, January 26, 2009

Dreaming of Summer

I try really hard to find the good in this ridiculously cold weather and the only real consolation I can hit upon is not having to do yard work.

It’s cold and a little slick this morning from the all-day flurry fest that was yesterday. Luckily, it sounds like I may already be home or at least well on my way there tonight before the snow hits. We’re looking at 3-5 inches tonight with another 1-2 throughout the day tomorrow. Oh, joys. *rolls eyes*

We have plenty of food in the house, so by the time we should need anything else, the roads should be clear. I’m grateful for that. I made my way out yesterday and all of the main roadways were in pretty good shape. Of course, everywhere was packed with people doing exactly the same thing I was—stocking up ahead of the snow. (Even so, there was a remarkable amount of bread and milk on the shelves which is surprising as those are usually among the first items to go.)

Though I bundled up, knowing that it would be cold this morning, it’s still quite chilly on the bus. Considering that it’s Monday,and a nasty one at that, I’m just glad that it showed up at all!
I’m almost afraid to say it, but I actually do feel a little better today (emphasis on a little). The neti pot seemed to help some last night, so I guess it will become part of my nightly routine again. Let’s hope it continues to do as much good!

Wherever you are, I hope it’s warmer there …


cd said...

Went to the store with everyone else this afternoon. Guessing everyone in Madison County is having French Toast tomm with the snow. Shoppers were grabbing milk, bread and eggs as if they were gold. Rest assured people, this is not Michaels and these items have not been discontinued.

MonkeyGirl said...

I went late in the afternoon, early evening and was pleasantly surprised to find the store relatively empty. the clerk said they were really busy until the snow started. I guess my procrastination paid off once again!

NV said...

cd -- you're cracking me up ... "these items have not been discontinued." And it's funny that you mention French toast because that's what I always think of when, threatened by a storm, people buy all the eggs, bread, and milk.

MG -- You truly have a knack for making the procrastination pay. I always seemed to get burned by it!

Anonymous said...