Saturday, January 24, 2009

Meltdown at Michael's

The mother felt a bit better today, and so did I -- at first. So, boldly we ventured out to get some necessities and some not so needed items ahead of a snowstorm expected Monday into Tuesday.

Stores were packed, so I can only assume that everyone else had the same idea. We got groceries and household items and I had a frustrating and ill-fated trip to Kohl's in an attempt to replace my previously lost gloves. You'd think it was April already. No real selection of gloves to be had anywhere. What IS the deal?!

Then we went to Michael's. Surely you recall the mother's foray into turning everything -- but most specifically the front door leading -- into gold? Now she has moved onto the new lamps. (She insists they're too bronzy. Whatever.) She has almost killed the original bottle so today's trip was to restock.

But, alas ... there is none! I thought the mother was going to have a kitten, right there in the middle of Michael's. She had a minor meltdown because they have ceased to carry it. This meant only that she couldn't leave the store with it. Not that it couldn't be found. (And she calls me impatient ...)

I, of course, know that there is the Internet. So, there is almost no product out of my reach. And, not only do I find it, I find it for a better price than Michael's ever dare.

Now, if I can only find something to rid us of The Plague.


Anonymous said...

How I hate going to a store and finding something is out of stock, or worse, discontinued. I feel for you Mother. I do. And also yes. Thank goodness for the internet!

Jayne said...

Yay for the internet!

modernemama said...

find a cure for The Plague and sell it on the internet. Please

cd said...

I had a similar experience at Michaels. Deep in the middle of not one, but two learnng fair projects, I went to purchase additional items. The entire store must have turned. 4 items, which one would think to be stocked year round, gone and never to return. The dreaded discontinued. Like the mother, me the other mother, can't wait for the internet to deliver. I want it and I want it now! Needless to say, my 50% off coupon was not eligible for the items I selected to replace the discontinued items.

NV said...

kspin, Jayne -- yep, it sure does suck! But online shopping has come thru more than once!

modern -- Amen! And I could retire quite comfortably indeed. :-)

cd -- That's unreal. What's up with them anymore? I sure hope they're not going under, too.

Anonymous said...