Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dreams and Depression

Remember those cabinets I was talking about visiting the other day? Well, I had a dream about them last night. They were IN my kitchen! (Yes, I lead a rich and imaginative fantasy life.) It required a complete reconfiguration of how we have things now, assisted by the fact that I was dreaming and my 85-square-foot or so kitchen suddenly became much larger.

I truly hate our current cabinets and the lack of storage space in them and would love to just rip them right out of the wall. But then reality sunk in and I realized that is not real likely to happen this year, courtesy of our economy.

Speaking of both reality and the poor state of the economy … I’m going to have to stop looking at news clips while I eat lunch. This one, about a family of seven done in by the father, pretty well cinches that. On top of the story yesterday about the 93-year-old man – which I’m still not over – this pretty much drew tears.

And if my mood isn’t quite dour enough, it’s been an incredibly gray day today. While we haven’t gotten the much heralded second phase of snow yet, it’s starting to arrive. It was sleeting off and on all day and it flurried some earlier, but now the flakes are starting to fall.

This might be a good night to go pull that bottle of wine out of the refrigerator. The sad, decade-old almond-colored refrigerator, of course, because we can’t get the pretty stainless steel one to fit without moving heaven and earth.


Renovation Therapy said...

Cabinets - Maybe a hardware change will make you love them?

I want to paint mine white this summer.

Re: the news. I know. So sad. So depressing.

cd said...

I saw an infomercial the other night selling stainless steel paint. The Mother could take her painting skills to a new level and paint the almond fridge stainless steel. Not vouching for the product, the same company would throw in a set on Ginsu knives with the purchase!

NV said...

RT -- New hardware is already purchased and awaiting installation. And white cabinets? This is something the mother has been considering for a while. Good call! Hope you're feeling better.

cd -- Yeah, we saw that, too. That's not going to appease the mother. She wants new appliances.

Ann said...

I think I know which news story you're referring to w/ the 93 yr old man - and it just broke my heart!

Anonymous said...

I've had those dreams where my kitchen grows and gets new granite countertops and professional oven/stove as well. *sigh* Most of my dreams right now are about a finished back yard!

Vicki said...

Ok, it's sounding like you need some serious sun therapy. I hope it's going to warm up up there soon. Or at least shine a little of the sun rays on y'all. I remember it being gray ALL winter in Germany. It could get really depressing. I guess you've got your dreams though right :)

Anonymous said...