Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cute Shoes and All

Even though I still feel like crap in a sack, it can never be a completely bad day when cute shoes are delivered to your door. Thank you,! What a nice little pick-me-up.

Of course, it bears mentioning that with those cute shoes came two pair of brown ear warmers – one to replace those I recently lost, and a second pair as a back-up. (Hey, they were both brown. They were both on sale. I could use both. And, I had a gift card. How's that for the ultimate in justification?!)

It’s also important to mention that while I needed the ear warmers this morning, by the time I left the office this evening, I could almost have gotten away with wearing said cute new shoes comfortably because it was a balmy 54 degrees! (I think it may have gotten up to 56 or even 57 earlier though. But alas, I need a pedicure first so cute shoes are out for now regardless of the weather.) Whatever the temp was, it was nothing short of glorious. I ran across the street to the bank mid-afternoon and was wishing it could stay this way. It’s going to get cold again though really soon.

And I guess I should clarify: It wasn’t a bad day, really. Just a lot going on and I don’t feel like I accomplished half of what I needed to much less what I wanted to get done. I guess it’s all just part of trying to battle back from the bug. At least I shouldn’t feel alone. I know of no less than 10 other people at the office who either are or have been fighting it.