Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slooooow Going

The mother has started deChristmassing but it’s a slow process. Between keeping an overly watchful eye on Ozzie (who is doing much better, thanks!) and battling her own aches and pains, progress is marginal at best.

I’m hoping that tonight I might be able to get everything in from outside within 15 minutes or so. It was drizzling last night and I was just wiped out so it didn’t happen last night. I was even in bed, brace yourself, at 10:45. That is more than an hour earlier than my usual turn-in time!

I even got some sleep, which is a really good thing, considering that I’ve got plans this weekend. That’s right – it’s finally here: Scrapbook Escape, that wildly amusing, women-only weekend. It’s my goal not to be too tired to enjoy it. I am SO ready for it. (Except for having all of my photos printed, my laundry done, my bag packed, and snackage purchased.) But, that’s what the next two nights are all about.

I’m still doing some year-end stuff at work, which I’ll be very happy to wrap up this morning. So, this seems to be a week of preparation, endings and beginnings. And then, it’s back to house projects later this month. Well, I did just begin a new year of vacation days …