Thursday, January 8, 2009


Apparently, I’ve gone list-happy today. I have no less than five lists going right now.
My lists have lists! One each for two different grocery stores, one each for two different retail stores, a list of things I need to finish at work, and a list of things I need to do to wrap up prep for my weekend plans.

If I’m this tired just making and trying to keep up with each list, what kind of shape will I be in if I should actually do all this stuff?! Sheesh.

Seems like I might need to adopt Cozi, an online calendar service that Jayne over at Dainty Digs blogged about recently. Because it also offers some kind of list keeper – the coolest function of which is it will text message you your latest list should you lose or forget it – now might not be a bad time to check it out.

Now I need to add to my list: temporary filling mix. My filling from a few weeks ago – it fell out this afternoon! They said that it might happen, even a day or so from when I was there, so I guess I should be happy it lasted a few weeks.

But damn! Couldn’t it have waited until after the weekend?

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