Friday, January 16, 2009

Coincidence? Maybe Not

Am I channeling the mother or what?

I’ve been blogging about getting organized and deChristmassing and sharing some of our better ideas on storing things this week, right? Well, with a long weekend ahead (Monday is a holiday) I’m thinking we’ll start on her bedroom or my bedroom maybe.


She wants to pull all of our stored stuff out, go through it, pitch, repack, and realign. How’s that for freaky? This means we can start to reclaim the family room.

As an extra added bonus, I get to put together the new bookcase and the new daybed for the family room that’s been sitting downstairs wrapped up for several months. We'll still have all the materials for the bedrooms hanging around down there, but at least there will be some semblance of order.

Those are the plans anyway. We’ll see where that goes.

But right now, I'm just going to relax. This five consecutive days of work stuff has worn me thin. (After all those short weeks. And of course, now we get one more ...)


plumbelieve said...

Well it sounds like you have your hands full. It also sounds like you will get rid of some more items giving you more room to store more, theoretically. Assembling a daybed and bookcase will certainly give you a sense of pride when it is finally put together and put to use. Have fun!

MonkeyGirl said...

Good luck with the pack/unpack/purge routine. I always get distracted in the middle of those kinds of projects and end up with a bigger mess on my hands!

Katie @ said...

Enjoy that extra day off, lucky girl! You're a step ahead on the spring cleaning, and that's so awesome. You inspire me to... well I'm afraid the only major cleanup right now is sawdust. It's everywhere, as always. Happy weekend to you!

NV said...

plum -- You know it! And I haven't even started on what was actually on the agenda yet.

MG -- I'm kind of afraid that's the direction this is headed. There is SO much stuff down there ...

Katie -- I'm hoping to enjoy it! And here's hoping i make some headway on SOMETHING.

Anonymous said...