Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is It Tuesday -- or Monday?

Mother Nature must’ve forgotten to flip her calendar –it isn’t even Monday. That is the strange part, I thought, as I carefully and very gingerly maneuvered into the yard, shying away from the sheen of ice that glazed my brick walkway this morning.

It took a few extra minutes to reach the sidewalk, remain standing on its icy surface, and then wait ‘til I could safely cross four iced-up lanes of roadway. It took so long that I had just reached my destination across the street as the bus turned the corner. Here’s hoping that that block between the bus stop and the office isn’t ice-covered.

The bus is unusually full this morning. There are at least 10-12 others aboard, about eight of whom got on before me. Highly unusual. Even after emptying at the central depot, we’ve picked up about as many as got off. My quiet little bus is becoming popular. UGH.

We don’t appear to be sliding much, which is good, but then the driver is going slowly and braking cautiously. (Update: we just did a crazy-ass slide but stayed on the road, as we passed a police scene where someone else wasn’t as lucky. Just looks like they crashed the curb and maybe a signpost though.)

Poor Ozzie. Sunday night, he made an awkward jump from the loveseat and appears to have injured one of his back legs or feet. Nothing seems swollen or tender to the touch. I think he just twisted something. (He did this a few years ago while charging down the basement stairs.) I saw a little improvement last night, (after a day of mostly staying off of it and of no jumping) so I’m not overly concerned, but we are still watching him.

The mother is babying him BIG time. He is eating this up, believe me. Sometimes, I know he’s smarter than we think he is. This would be one of those times. He’s going to milk it for all it’s worth. He is SO pitiful though. If he’s not any better by tomorrow, I guess he will have to go to the vet.

Cross your fingers that this isn’t the case.


Karen Anne said...

Poor Ozzie.

A few years ago one of my kitties must have fallen (the vet deduced) when I was out of the house. I thought something horrible had happened (heart attack, stroke), since she couldn't really walk, so I raced her to the vet, who figured it out.

He gave her some steroid injection at the area of the injury and she recovered amazingly, almost better within 24 hours.

So I was expecting great things when I went to my doc for stubborn bursitis a month or so ago and he suggested the same thing for me. No such luck. It did slowly help, over the period of several weeks.

MonkeyGirl said...

I hope Moo is better soon! I think Moo and Coal are brain sharing now. Last night Coal was roaming around in the garage and whacked his back on the trailer hitch of the pick-em up truck. He didn't seem to suffer any long term effects but I bet he will be a little more careful from now on!

NV said...

Karen Anne -- Glad your baby got relief so quickly. Wish you could have done the same. I had steroid injections some years back to avoid surgery for carpal tunnel. The thing is, one you do it, you have to KEEP doing it for it to work.

MG -- Now our DOGS are sharin' a brain! How nuts is that? Ozzie is a little better tonight ... hope Coal isn't feelin' too bad.

sewwhat? said...

I got a catalog from Linen Source and an Ozzie look-alike was advertising the blankets they sell! Yorkies must rule the earth, but who could resist that face?

NV said...

sewwhat -- Oh YEAH. Yorkies SO rule the earth. :-) And that face is the very reason!