Friday, January 23, 2009

A Really Short Week

Wow – It’s Friday. Really?

I guess spending three days in bed will twist your sense of time a bit, no? At least it’s not as cold this morning as it’s been. In fact, I think it’s actually colder on the bus than outside. But, sadly, that all changes tonight.

Yesterday’s glorious 50s are history. Tonight, we’re going back into the teens and we’re not getting too far away from them all weekend. (Upper 20s to maybe 30 at best.) Brrrr. Welcome back to winter! I’m grateful for even a brief respite though because I hate winter so much.

Last night nearly mirrored the night before. I thought I could get around it by plopping Ozzie in bed with me to start with. No. It was so warm last night that what’s usually a nice comfortable snuggle was unbearably hot. So, just about the time that I decided we both could probably use a cool drink (2:45), the shower started. What is with the mother and these 3 a.m. showers already?! I mean, where is it that she has to go?

Luckily, unlike the night before, I fell back to sleep rather easily. I had strange dreams, though I don’t remember much. The one I do remember involved this gorgeous home on Long Island that I’d seen on House Hunters last night. That was some decked-out place – all $800,000 worth of it. But hey, I was dreamin.’ Obviously, it made an impression.

But when the alarm went off, I awoke in my tiny room, in my tiny house in the Midwest, nowhere near the shores of New York. It was a fun trip though while it lasted.


Mama Martha said...

I keep getting woken up at 3am by a certain 18 year old going to bed! Maybe that will stop since school started this week.
Here's to a great weekend!

Vicki said...

I love/hate those dreams. I wake up loving the thought and then hating that it's not reality. Girl, you know you've got the house bug bad when you're dreaming about them!

Anonymous said...

So glad you're finally recovering from that monster cold! As for your dream, be glad you woke up before you had to pay TAXES on that $800,000.00 house! See? There's always a bright side! :)

NV said...

MM -- Yeah, I would hope so! boy needs to study. :-)

V -- Well, it WAS a really cool house ...

Star -- Thanks! It's gonna be a while. And you're SO right. The taxes were even an issue with the ppl who BOUGHT the house.

Anonymous said...