Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let There Be Light(s)

The mother comes out of left field with a lot of things. This now includes the purchases she asked that I make online last night. New lighting for the living room was not on my “we need to buy this now” radar, but apparently, it was on hers.

She asked that I buy a set of this table lamp and one of these matching floor models.

I guess it’s about time. The current lamps are about six or seven years old now. And there is not a floor lamp in the living right now. That’s something I welcome though since the room can be like a cave.

I think they’re pretty and I’m sure they’ll do the job. I’m just a little concerned because the catalog description says they take a single 100W bulb. Not sure if that means it will accommodate a three-way globe or not. I’d be very unhappy if not as we usually have them on the middle setting, except during reading, when it’s on high. Sometimes at night or when we leave, we use the low setting. I guess I’ll find out.

She had me buy something else, too, but I’ll save that for another post. And, according to email, all of these items are now on their way to This D*mn House. Man, that was quick!


plumbelieve said...

These are very pretty and the mother did a nice job in picking them out.

Gene said...

Out of left field, eh? Now we know where you got it from :-)

Jayne said...

Really pretty lamps! I like the beaded fringe.

Karen Anne said...

Something I was told recently is that you can use a CFL of higher equivalent light than an incandescent in fixtures, because the CFLs don't generate as much heat.

I have a three way CFL in my floor lamp. It fooled me originally, because when you first turn it on and switch settings, you have to give it a few seconds to come on at the new setting. I had thought it was broken. Once it's warmed up, no problem, it switches immediately.

1 degree below zero outside where I am currently. I'm just saying, sigh.

NV said...

plumb -- Thanks. Let's hope they look as good in person!

Gene -- Heyyyyyy. :-) Yeah. At leat I can blame it on genetics!

Jayne -- I think that is what sold the mother. I think Toby will like it, too.

Karen Anne -- Good advice. I'm still a little wary of those things after stuff I've read.

Karen Anne said...


i have some early ones that make people look decayed :-) but the later ones seem much better in terms of the light quality. Also, just after I switched almost every bulb in the house (and they supposedly last 5-10 years, sigh, so no switching again for awhile) they started coming out with ones that look like regular bulbs, not the spirals.

Good news, my electric bill dropped like a rock compared to the same months the year before. I literally knocked 1/3 off it.

Anonymous said...