Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Morning Musings

We’re almost through January! Is that possible already? Of course spring can never come soon enough for me. Right now though I think I will be happy with the time change so that I’m not leaving home at sunrise and coming back at sunset. It’s not that far off either. March 7 or something like that.

I’ll admit though that watching the colors of the sunrise take shape, as I’m doing now, is a bonus for hangin’ out with the chickens.

And things are improving. While the sidewalk and driveway at home remain virtually impassable, the streets and sidewalks near the office are all but clear. They are so much better in fact that I walked down the street and got lunch yesterday. First time in weeks. The amazing thing was that at 27 degrees and with sunny skies, it actually felt pleasant!

I didn’t venture out after my allergy meds last night and I’m paying the price this morning. Congestion city and cough central. It’s times like this that I really miss having Walgreens just a few blocks from the office.

I’m not sure what the weekend plans are. The mother was supposed to have a friend come over tomorrow, someone she hasn’t seen in years but reconnected with over the holidays. (She was actually going to come last Sunday, but in light of me being unwell and the weather really sucking it, they postponed.) I thought she was going to talk to her about it again this week but as far as I know, that conversation never took place. I guess I’ll have to wait and find out.

After next week, I think I’m going to seriously look at when I can take some vacation time, so that some of our projects can get under way. I was looking around the warehouse that our family room currently is and I desperately want to do something about it.

In other words, after nearly two years of continuous projects with almost no down-time, I'm ready to have my house back. Maybe by fall that will be possible.