Monday, January 12, 2009


Except for being completely exhausted -- or perhaps because of it -- numb is about as close as it comes to describing my state of mind today. And we all know how I feel about Mondays anyway.

Last night, after finally getting Ozzie settled (he clearly suffered some serious separation anxiety over the weekend) and unpacking what would amount to a week's salary of luggage if I were carrying it by plane, we tuned in to the Golden Globes.

Except for the Oscars, I'm not big on awards programs. In fact, I generally avoid them. The mother enjoys all the red carpet activity, but I'm just not into any of that. I was too tired to lobby for anything else, so I just sat their Stoically, with Yorkie in lap.

Something that delighted me, however, were all the accolades heaped on HBO's John Adams. I watched this back in May after initially wrinkling my nose when I heard who was playing the title role (Paul Giamatti). It's not that I dislike him, I just had a hard time seeing him in this role -- until I watched it. Last night saw me applauding his win in the best actor (TV) category, one of about four I think I counted for the miniseries.

It's lengthy but well worth the time investment if you've not seen it.


Mama Martha said...

Couldn't agree with you more. He really deserved the win, as did Laura Linney & the guy who played Ben Franklin. I just checked and the DVDs can be rented at Blockbuster.

Vicki said...

I have wanted to see that but havn't yet. I need to get down to my local Blockbuster's. Last night I missed the awards too. I was actually preplanning for school. Amazing.

NV said...

MM -- I had an almost identical discussion to the one that you and I had with a colleague about this! Apparently, we weren't alone in our thinking. :-)

V -- DEFINITELY see it. Preplanning?! Good for you!

Anonymous said...