Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lights Out

I hate this time of year. The one thing that makes winter tolerable for me -- at least its earliest portion -- are the lights and other decorations of the holidays.

Now it's time for them to all come down.

It's going to look bare and empty at both home and work and I am not looking forward to it.

We had the lights on all day (the tree, prelit garland on the fireplace mantel, and the little gift boxes outside) since this is their last hurrah. I'm not sure when exactly they'll come down (we usually leave things up through Epiphany which is Tuesday).

But whatever day they're gone, it doesn't matter. I'll miss them just the same.


Why S? said...

I'm glad you wait until Epiphany. I don't understand those people who dismantle on the 26th.

sewwhat? said...

I feel the same way. I took down my outdoor decorations yesterday (ahead of the freezing rain) and turned off the lights on the eaves. The whole street looks so dark and dismal as a result. But it is time. Sniff, sniff!

Karen Anne said...

I'm thinking of researching some European traditions where the Christmas decorations stay up longer. Every year it seems they come down too soon. Or I may just make up a tradition if necessary.

Part of the problem is the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Easter lights, anyone?

NV said...

Why -- I'm happy to report that many lights were still UP and ON around our neighborhood last night. Maybe it's an unwillingness to let the holidays go. Or maybe we're just lazy b*stards. :-)

sewwhat -- I need to get the outside stuff down. Ideally, before it can freeze again!

Karen Anne -- LOVE that idea. The festive environment is just so great. But, I'll concede that if we did it year-round, it would cease to be so special and we probably wouldn't even appreciate it.

Anonymous said...