Friday, March 27, 2009

At Long Last

Most days, I really love my job. But, just like everybody else, I still wait for Friday.

And finally, at long last, it’s here! This has been an exceptional week, so in a lot of ways, it was really good that I’ve been as busy as I have. I even have another busy day ahead today.
I was quiet last night because the Ladybird needed some love. The other night, amidst all the Tigger drama unfolding, I walked out to find that the mother had left the headlights on on the car. Luckily, only about 30-40 minutes had passed between the time she got home from Uncle Bill’s and I took off to get a few things or I might have gone out to a dead car.

The reminder bell that tells you when you’ve left your lights on was dinging to beat the band. How in God’s name had she gotten out of the car and not heard that?

In addition to noticing that the lights were on, I also noticed that only one of them was burning. Remember a few months ago when I had a fishtank for a headlight? It didn’t do that again at least, but it was burned out just the same. I was too tired Wednesday – and probably wouldn’t have made it in time anyway – to get it fixed. Since we needed an oil change anyway, the mother picked me up last night at the depot and we shot up the highway to the evil Wal-Mart’s automotive department.

We got in right away and it only took them 30 minutes or so to both change the oil and headlight. In the meantime, the mother and I did some household shopping, including picking up some items my godmother needed for Uncle Bill.

The mother has been over there every day this week; I’ve even been by once. It’s really hard to watch. I’m going to add dying to my list of what I think are human design flaws. It’s too hard. It should be much easier for not only the person who is dying, but for those who love them. (Actually, this applies to more than just humans, now that I think about it.)

What, you may ask, do I consider to be other design flaws? The first, and largest by far, is a lack of satisfaction. I don’t know anyone, myself included, no matter how good they’ve got it who wouldn’t rather have something else or something more. We don’t know when to quit, we humans. More. There always has to be more.

Case in point: The other design flaw on my list. I think that two is a grossly inadequate number of hands. (I know the moms are with me on this one.) C’mon admit it. You’ve wished you had another hand or two or six. I know I have. On the downside, manicures would be more time-consuming. And the cost of nail polish? Oy!

Unfortunately, I don’t think the extra hands would help me much today. Unless an extra pair of eyes came with them. Now there’s a thought ….


Kristy said...

You certainly needed this Friday.
As for evil Walmart, I caution you in getting oil changes there. Do you or the mother ever check to see if they've done the work they charge you for.

My sister got an oil change at a Walmart and it turned out that they didn't change the filter (although they charged her for it). When my Dad went to change the oil this recent time, the original filter was on there -ugh! Makes me wonder how many times they've done that to other people. Hope you have a peaceful weekend

Chris said...

A theme song for you, perhaps?

Scroll down and listen to the sample of "Two Brains". Great tune. Actually, I highly recommend any and all of their CDs.

MonkeyGirl said...

I love the fact that I get to share my brain with a few good friends but there are some days when i wish I could have a couple of brains available to process all of the stuff going on around me!

NV said...

Kristy -- Thanks! I sure was ready for this week to be over. And thanks for the warning. I've had a good track record with them thus far.

Chris -- Cool. Thanks. Will check this out as soon as I'm not on dialup.

MG -- Yeah. I've probably been tappin' into more than my share lately just to keep on track!