Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Indulge Me

OK. So I wasn't going to post again until tomorrow, but remember the kid in the candy store ...

I got these -- and then some on the way home. Sharing just a few tonight. A prelude to what's to come.
I love this shot. If you look at a bigger version, it almost looks as though the sun got tangled in a spider's web!

Those buildings in silhouette are part of downtown St. Louis. What's sad is that by the time the skyline is completely clear of brush from this vantage point, you can no longer see much of the skyline, including the Arch, which is far off to the right, off screen. What I love about this shot are the CLOUDS. Aren't they cool?!

Pretty, isn't it? I was about to lose my mind. And the best part is that, other than resize, and minor brightness adjustments and cropping on a few, I did nothing to these. You're seeing them as they are. And these don't even include what was the "money shot" for me.

That's it for now. Thanks for indulging me. This is probably going to be happening a lot. Just sayin.'


plumbelieve said...

NV - Thanks for the photos. I am away from home right now so these make me feel I am downtown. Have you ever used the cameras that do not require regular AA batteries but rather the thin kind that are part of the camera and charge up like a cell phone?

I blew through batteries way to fast. My sis jsut found one pretty cheaply on Home Shopping's Clearance pages on the web.

Soon the Cards will be back and you can photograph the stadium to match the dome.

plumbelieve said...

It is late and I was typing too fast. Sorry about the typos "too" fast and "just." You know what I am trying to say.

MonkeyGirl said...

Girl, you are cracking me up! You are going to become a midwestern Georgia O'Keefe if you keep this up!

NV said...

PB -- Glad to make you feel at home! I use rechargeable AAs and I've had really good luck with them. I don't know that I'd want a rechargeable camera one.