Monday, March 2, 2009

What’s in That Box?

Which box? There have been a whole bunch of packages come my way the past few days. Yes, NV has been shopping online again!

Unless it’s for scrapbooking supplies, it probably is my favorite way to shop.

So, Package #1 arrived last Thursday. It was part of an order. The box contained an outfit for the mother (who never buy clothes online, but this was just an ultra-casual summer/spring set) and some really cute T-shirts for Ozzie. You’ll likely see those eventually.

The picture here shows Package #2 which arrived on Friday. It’s a set of padded pouches I got from eBags. Currently, I’m only using the smallest of the 3. I’m sure I’ll find lots of good uses for all of them.

Package #3 isn’t very exciting either, but quite practical though. It’s a sleeve for my computer. I don’t use the issued bag to haul it back and forth to work, yet so far I’ve managed to not destroy it in my bag. Since I’m going to start hauling something else in my bag, I figured that I ought to take an extra step to protect my computer. Will let you know how it works out.

Package #4 is part of the order sent in Package #1. (Two other things are still missing.) But, it’s a prime candidate for ToolTalk Tuesday so we’ll save that one -- and the much anticipated Package #5 – for tomorrow.