Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeah, It's Monday

It’s as dark as night out. I had forgotten that it will be a while before it will be light in the morning again. I can tell you that at 6:30 tonight, it will only just be starting to be dark.
We were shocked to hear about a shooting during morning church services yesterday in a neighboring town. you may have seen it on your nightly news as it made national headlines.

I didn’t really know the Rev. Fred Winters, but I had met him and spoken with during the early years of his church, back in my newspaper days. You really have to wonder what would possess someone to kill anyone like that, right in the middle of a church. Especially, someone who didn’t – at least at this point – even appear to know the minister. Regardless of what your beliefs might be, you have to think that’s a heap of extra in the wrong department.

What seems even more wrong to me is for him to die so violently and senselessly inside a church he spent half his life building. Prayers go out to the pastor’s family and his congregation.
Tigger, my almost 17-year-old Tabby, isn’t doing so good. We’ve kept a close eye on him all weekend and he isn’t getting better. At his age, there are often more bad days than good days but he is tipping that scale in the wrong direction. The mother is calling the vet this morning.
My great-uncle, father to my godmother, is back in the hospital. She spent the end of last week with him and finally took him to the hospital early yesterday morning. She’s conflicted because she needs to work, but once he comes out of the hospital, he’s going to need 24-hour care. The mother is set to help, but I think he is too big and his needs to great for her to handle every aspect of his care.

Such is the curse of the only child.


I'm calling for my Zen. I could use some of it about now.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that the negatives always arrive in bunches?

Thinking of you, and sending good thoughts your way.

NV said...

Star --I think that's a keen observation. I told the mother that maybe by getting a flock of bad, maybe once this passes, it will be it for a while. Here's hoping... and thanks for the kind thoughts.

Anonymous said...