Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quite A Sunday

I’m tired but it’s been a good day. The mother and I had fun shopping together and we picked up dinner at TGIFriday’s. I got to make the most of a buy one, get one dinner coupon that expired today, so technically, I ate for free.

It was cold, but the sun did help. It didn’t cancel out the wind though. When it roared into life, man – tore into the bones.

When we got home, we put everything away, took care of animals, ate our dinner and then I started stripping beds. Mine was easy. I had put away all the comforter set and mashed it in Space Bags already. I just needed clean sheets. But the mother’s bed was still all made up so it had to have all the stuff folded and put away, then it was stripped and then … I got out the new mattress topper I bought her a week or two ago.

It was like a wrestling match. First, I had to ball up the old one she had and I shoved it into the box for the new one. Then, I unwrapped both the zippable cover and the mattress topper itself. I don’t think this thing was rolled correctly when they packed it. While one side seemed to immediately spring to life, the other side seemed creased and lifeless.

We tugged on it a bit and that helped some but it still wasn’t right. Even so, I body slammed it onto the bed and the war commenced.

I pulled it, rolled over it, stood and walked on it … and it still only stretched marginally. Then, I thought maybe if I put it in the cover and zip it up and stretch it onto the bed, it will straighten out on its own. In theory, it kind of worked. I laid on it and it seemed pretty comfortable as long as you don’t roll to the edge of the bed. But, it’s not my opinion that matters.

The mother tried it out. It seemed to pass initial muster. I’ll post again more in a review fashion after she’s had a chance to really try it out.

Between that and taking out part of the trash, I did my aching back no favors. So, on that note, I think I’ll grab a shower, pop some ibuprofen, and do a few things for work.