Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sad Irony

I was very saddened yesterday to learn of the grave condition of actress Natasha Richardson and I frequently checked headlines which, at one point, had announced her death.

What a horrible tragedy resulting from the most freakish of accidents! One minute you’re fine, the next you’re getting last rites. It’s even sadder considering that she seems to be both a very good and talented person, still quite young, in a happy marriage, with two adolescent boys who certainly don’t deserve to lose their mother, and was ready to embark on another project to work with her own mother, Vanessa Redgrave, on Broadway.

The irony? The mother and I have been watching movies off and on during the past several days either through On Demand or just the regular cable schedule. Now that our “On Demand” is actually working again. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.

One movie that I recommended over the weekend was Evening, starring both Richardson and her mother. (The mother vetoed this and we ended up watching Sense and Sensibility – which I’ve seen 100 times and still adore – and starring my she-ro Emma Thompson whom people sometimes mix up with Richardson. Then we watched Mr. Brooks, a truly troubled flick.)

So, before you ask … Emma is my she-ro because she is proof positive that you can shake a philandering (albeit talented) loser and still end up with a sexy younger man and have a baby after 40! Not to mention that she’s a tremendous talent. I love her period piece roles (S&S, Remains of the Day, Howard’s End) in particular, but she’s made plenty of other good movies, too.

Speaking of which, here’s more irony. If you’ve seen Love Actually, then you know that Liam Neeson plays a grieving widower, left to raise a stepson. (Judging from some of the stuff I’ve seen online today, I was not the first nor the last person to think of this.) My heart just goes out to them at this unbelievably tragic time.


Why S? said...

This is just incredibly bizarre and sad. What a loss.

Jayne said...

It is very sad. She's a talented actress. So did you get to see "Evening"? It's a really good movie. Not a happy movie, as you've probably gathered, but the story is excellent and the acting is superb.

NV said...

Why -- I know. Maybe because it's someone so close to my age, but this has really bothered me.

Jayne -- I did, and really liked it! I finally got the mother to understand WHO NR is by saying: "She was the mom in the update of the Parent Trap that you thought was cute." She was appropriately saddened.