Thursday, March 26, 2009

A New Routine

Twice yesterday I had to remind myself.

I need to check on … Oh, right.

Hey, I’ve got to feed … no. No, I don’t.

This morning, I got up, stumbled through the dark house, and was standing in front of the refrigerator when it hit me. Oh, yeah. I’d even forgotten to reset my alarm. I now have an extra 15-20 minutes in the morning.

Responsibility for Tigger had shifted through the years. I initially was the main caretaker. Then, I switched jobs and had to be in by 5 a.m. and the mother retired, so she took over. When she got sick a few years ago, I took that responsibility back and I just never stopped. (She has 95 percent responsibility for Toby and about 70 percent for Ozzie during the week. And she’s fanatical about their care. If everyone were cursed with this kind of care, I guarantee you that the world would be infinitely more peaceful.)

Until the past few weeks, Tigg and I had a well established system. I guess it’s time to create a new morning routine. I guess I’ll just play it by ear and see how it goes.

One big plus for me in all this has been discovering just how many people really, really love their animals. They are full-fledged family members; way beyond pet status. So it’s nice to not be thought of as totally nuts but to instead find such a well of understanding. A lot of you are responsible for that. I thank you for taking the time to share those feelings with me.

The mother was much better last night. She said that, for all the trouble he is, it made it easier having Toby. (And believe me, he’s a lot of trouble. But he’s cute.) Toby had been uncharacteristically loving yesterday, and Ozzie, who was not sure what to do with her crying was even more attentive than normal. And both were apparently on their best behavior yesterday. It’s amazing how they know.

I went to bed early (for me anyway) and, considering all the sleep I didn’t get the night before, am better for it. Good thing, too, as it’s going to be a busy day.


plumbelieve said...

Changing routines are difficult...what do they say - 21 days to effectively change your behavior. This is the easy part, you will never be able to change your feelings for him.

Out of curiosity, what makes Toby so much trouble? He is just a little baby after all. Remember I came late in the blogging and you may have already given us Toby's M-O.

Take care of yourself and the mother knowing that Tigger is actually better off than we are.

See you later.

NV said...

PB -- THanks. I had to stop myself at least once more last night.

And Toby?

A crier (at all hours. I suspect he suffers from severe separation anxiety.) He’s overly skittish. So much so, that sometimes he still runs when I come through the front door! And visitors – they only catch glimpses of him, if that. He either runs beneath the furniture or into the bathtub to hide.

As a kitten, he loved to be held and petted. These days, he loathes being picked up and the petting is all on his terms. Sadly, he will never be the lap cat I know the mother would prefer. Even so, those two have bonded. He has conceded and will lay near her on the sofa or above her on the back of the sofa. He’s just very aloof. Never had a cat like him. One strange little creature.

Jayne said...

The little Schnauzer I had before Audie was sick for months before he died at 17, and I didn't realize until he was gone how much of my daily routine revolved around his care. I know how you're feeling these days. Isn't it wonderful how animals know when we need a little extra love from them? Even crazy little Toby came out of his shell to help out the mother.

Why S? said...

I just caught up with you today. I was so sorry to read the news but you gave Tigger a lovely eulogy. The adjustment is hard. I cried for days and days when My Kitty Friend left us.

Toby might be related to my kitten. She's a crier too. She'll wander from room to room, just whining and crying away. She especially cries when anybody tries sleeping past 7. She must be afraid I'll be late for work.

NV said...

Jayne -- I know! It just becomes part of your day and you don't even realize it. Last night, when I went out to feed the birds, I noticed that his window was dark. My first thought: His light burned out! I have to go change ... oh, no I don't. (The mother had finally turned out his lamp. I could not bring myself to do it.)

Why - Aw, thanks. You're right about the adjusting. The really horrible part is that it has made me see how devastating losing Ozzie, who is my constant shadow, is going to be. I pray it's not for a long, long time. I've having a tough enough time with this!

Anonymous said...