Thursday, March 12, 2009


The price for enjoying multiple days of 70-80-degree weather is multiple days of brrrrrrr. Not Aaron Burr. Or even Raymond Burr. Just plain ole, in your face, cold and cruel brrrrrr.

I had so hoped we were past these 20-something mornings, but no. Today’s forecast high: 35 degrees. Brrrrrr.

I was in bed uncharacteristically early last night, at just past 10:30. That’s at least 60-90 minutes earlier than usual. I was so tired though. Work’s been busy (which is good), and you know what’s going on at home (not good) and I slept fitfully Tuesday night, so I started the day out tired.

Work was busy in the morning and then in the afternoon we had a surprise shower for one of my young colleagues who is getting married. I helped get things ready. I think it ended up looking festive in a traditional tacky sort of way.

I think she was genuinely surprised as our group gathered near the elevators on a floor below ours. At first, she didn’t even try to get off the elevator, completely oblivious to the whole thing.

It was funny.

They’re having a pizza party today to celebrate some office awards, so no venturing out into the cold for food. Works for me!