Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thrifty Consumerism Strikes Again

We all know my penchant for tools and for getting something to work in a way that maybe the manufacturer didn’t intend. Well, Mustang Sally over at Absurd and Askew managed to appeal to both of those character flaws of mine in a post she did on the Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

First, I like this product. I don’t, however, like not being able to empty it. It’s not very environmentally friendly to put that much plastic back into the waste stream, and it does fill up pretty fast. I can see from a manufacturer’s perspective where that would be an asset, though as a consumer buying a product that costs $5-$6, it’s anything but.

I use it about every other night on the loveseat and sofa. We have waffled slipcovers on both pieces of furniture, where both Ozzie and Toby are frequent fixtures, and it does a good job of nabbing the hairs that lodge in the crevices. I also use it religiously before tossing either these slipcovers or any one of the mongrels’ beds into the wash.

In that post, Sally links to this post which offers some instructions on modifying this otherwise disposable product (and what a waste to do that!) There are also some other good ideas in the comment section of that post.

You just know that I’m going to try one or more of them!


cd said...

I love this product as my non-shedding Goodledoodle produces enough hair to open a location for Hans Weiman. I use my eyebrow tweezers and pull the hair out from between the two rollers. It comes out easily with no need to disassemble the unit.

Karen Anne said...

I have a brush with stiff plastic bristles. Works like a charm picking up cat hair.

Jayne said...

I use the Scotch Fur Fighter and love it. It comes with little disposable sheets, kinda like the hook side of Velcro. It works really well. I can get several uses out of each sheet by pulling the cat fur off the sheet.

NV said...

CD -- Tell me. My "non-shedding" Yorkie is the same way! Hey, you're getting to be quite the resourceful one. Another good idea!

KarenAnne -- I've always thought a bigger, sturdier version of the brush we use to clean the floor fans with might work!

Jayne -- Looked at those 'cause a lot of times we just use plain ole lint removers!