Saturday, March 7, 2009


Life is quite a disjointed affair. People come in and out of our lives, either voluntarily or involuntarily. And sometimes, life is so hectic, that we can drift away from even those close to us, even those we share a roof with.

Some days, if we're really lucky, we get a chance to renew some of those connections. Today was just such a day for me.

I'd been online for just a bit when I got an email from my very dear friend PlumBelieve who had even called me on the way home last night. It was such a pleasant surprise and so nice to get back in touch.

This morning, the mother, intrigued by a brief article in the local newspaper about a new combination boutique/deli decided we should go check it out. Do some shopping. Have some lunch. Sounded good to me. I just had to get myself off the couch.

I finally got going. I'd showered and had just brushed my teeth when I heard a knock at the door. Imagine my surpise to find my very dear friend CD and her two boys standing on the porch! CD said she could only stay a minute as she was in between soccer games for the eldest.
He'd just finished a game at a school a few blocks from This D*mn House.

"I just couldn't drive by the house without stopping," she told me. And I'm so glad she did!

The deli/boutique had a few interesting things -- which we purchased -- but the food didn't seem nearly as appealing. Luckily, we'd discovered that a highly recommended Chinese restaurant was just across the way. We dined there instead and oh ... there aren't words. SO wonderful to finally find excellent Chinese food again!

On the way home, which took us past the cemetery, the mother asked if we could stop. We visited my great-grandparents' graves and the grave shared by Young Tom and my beautiful grandmother. We drove to the other half of the cemetery and I drove almost straight to the grave of my cousin, Steven. The last trip to the cemetery, I'd spent an hour looking for it without success because the area around it had had so many additions.

I dropped to my knees before it and carefully traced the letters of his name with my fingers. I patted the angel that sits atop the stone. I brushed my hand across the adjacent inscription: He touched many lives. That he did. And mine was lucky enough to be one of them.

So, today I've been blessed with the thoughts and presence of lifelong friends. I've shared an enjoyable day with the mother. And I've had the renewed sense of connection with those whom I can connect with only in my heart.


Jayne said...

What a nice day you had. Thanks for sharing it.

Karen Anne said...

I'm a cemetery person sometimes too. Including my great grandparents whom I never met. An odd feeling to be "close" to them in some way. And the three young children of a great aunt and uncle, three little stones.

I like old cemeteries with their old varied stones and inscriptions as opposed to the new ones with just flat markers in the ground. I'm going to wind up in a new one, since my parents are there, but it just lacks character.

NV said...

Jayne -- Thanks. It was a good day.

KarenAnne -- I'm not big on cemeteries, but after I go I'm always glad that I did. I didn't know my ggs either, but I sure did know my gps! It's a good connection to make.

plumbelieve said...

Hey NV, As you know, the whoel cemetary thing would be off limits to me but believe it or not I actually am intrigued as well. I do find them peaceful and even learned to drive in the big one by my old house. Of course, once the sun goes down, you could not catch me near one for love or money.

It was nice to talk with you and thanks for the pic. Hey CD and Monkeygirl! Enjoy the extra daylight hours.


Anonymous said...