Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dollhouse Tour, Part 2

Picking up where we left off this morning, we were in the little girl’s room on the second floor. Now, we’ll go next door and check out the parents’ bedroom.
I’m not sure who that is supposed to be (the mother has increased the family size since the days I played in here.) Suffice it to say, whomever she may be, she’s a snazzy dresser.

Just look at this close-up.

Now we’ll head up to the third floor. First we’ll stop by the boy’s bedroom. I've always loved these third floor rooms because of the sloping walls from the roofline.

He has a little friend over. A little friend with a very bad hairpiece, too! I’ll apologize for the quality of this photo of the whole room. I clearly got rid of the wrong one when I was going through them.

But check this out. Can you even believe they make a chess set that small?! What I love is this game table – I have one almost exactly like it in the family room at This D*mn House.

Let’s pop next door and check out the bath. This would have been one high-class joint for that time period.
I just shake my head at how they think of absolutely everything and it’s all so tiny!

The mother says she is glad that it is all done now since it’s hard to see stuff that small to work with it and because she has the beginning of arthritis in her hands.

I hate to see her get to where she can’t do it all anymore because she enjoys it so much.

She still gets in there and moves things around occasionally, just like in real life. She decorates for the holidays, too.

There’s a ton of Christmas decorations, as well as stuff for Halloween and Easter, too.

What’s funny is that this isn’t even the mother’s only miniature project. About 20 years ago, she built a general store from a kit. It’s fully stocked and even has a small apartment upstairs.


cd said...

I feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone. The pictures are exactly as I remember from 30 years ago. Actually, it seems like yesterday meeting your Mom and standing in the kitchen of the old house. This doll house is a master piece. Kudos to the Mother.

MonkeyGirl said...

Spooky- I didn't reads CD's comment before I posted this one! I love the bathroom!

Karen Anne said...

Okay, you know we have to see the general store, right :-)

Karen Anne said...

The snazzy dresser's gown reminded me of this photo of Mrs. Grover Cleveland that's been floating around in some article in response to the Horror of Michelle Obama Going Sleeveless:

Click for photo

That's some gown Mrs. Cleveland has on. I am not sure it isn't her nightie :-)

NV said...

cd -- Well, there have been some changes and additions since then. the bulk of the work was done mid- to late '80s.

MG -- Me, too. I love how even the wallpaper is scale.

KA -- Um, well, yeah. OK!

You're right. There are defnitely some similarities between those gowns. Cool.

Jayne said...

Amazing, all the care that went into that dollhouse. It's beautiful. I'm with Karen Anne--we gotta see the general store, too!

NV said...

Jayne -- Yeah, the mother invested a lot of time and effort in it, that's for sure. Yeah, I kind of got the idea that I'm going to have to shoot the general store, too. :-)

Anonymous said...