Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I Hate Doctors

Or at least why I hate calling their offices. It's bad enough that you get an answering machine, even after you push the number that the automated system told you to in order to "make an appointment or speak to a receptionist." And this wasn't during evening or early, early, hours either. This was between 9 and 10 a.m.

I finally did reach someone in the afternoon. I may have been better off with the automated system.

NV: Yes, I’m a patient of Dr. X’s and they said to call today and make an appointment this week. I can do any day except tomorrow.

Receptionist: How about 10:30 Wednesday?

NV: That’s tomorrow – the one day I can’t do.

Receptionist: 2:15?

NV: Not if it’s on Wednesday.

Receptionist: Oh. Well, that time isn’t available the rest of the week.

NV: No problem. Is there another time that is available?

Receptionist: How about 1 p.m.?

NV: What day? Thursday or Friday?

Receptionist: That was for Wednesday. Oh, wait. You can’t do Wednesday, right?

(This was starting to sound like an Abbott and Costello bit.)

Now I have a headache, too. But I did manage to get an appointment – on a day that’s NOT Wednesday. Finally. I think I might have had better luck with someone who didn’t even speak English.


MonkeyGirl said...

I know the feeling. Last fall I was 500+ miles away from home with a wicked illness. I called the Dr's office to schedule an appointment for when I got home. I was told that they would only accept emergency appointments and that I had to call on the day I wanted to come in. When I asked what an emergency was, they said "oh, you know if you are sick or something". If we didn't need the drugs so much......

Vicki said...

Let me guess, you're going to show up to the appointment and they will say you're late, that your appointment was on Wednesday.

NV said...

MG -- I remember that. You know exactly what I mean!

Vicki -- Oh, dear. That could so happen still!

Daisy said...

This happens to me too. Except they do this AND act like I am speaking some foreign language (which apparently American English IS a foreign language in Australia) hmm...

Louise said...

Oh that's hilarious...I wonder if the receptionist had been in the drugs cupboard again...