Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday ToolTalk: Crocodile Cutter

I think my love of tools – power and otherwise –has already been established. Package #4 during the past few days feeds the addiction.

The Crocodile Cutter was a purchase I made from Lakeside.com. Generally, they have good merchandise, but sometimes junk is junk no matter who is selling it. I knew buying this was a gamble, but I paid my $7.95 anyway. (A bargain, even at the buy one, get one free price on the product’s Web site.)

I was thinking specifically of the Michelangelo project when I bought it.

The chances are good that I could use it for that project. Let’s just say I’m not overly confident that this thing would make it through the whole job. The trigger mechanism that moves the blade seems chintzy.

It cut a piece of vinyl floor tile pretty easily and it did glide through an aluminum can. The handles are pretty easy to change, but I didn’t notice that much difference between the density of the blades (it comes with metal, plastic and a shapes cutter) though they were designed a little differently. If you watch the Billy Mays video at the Web site, you'd think this thing could hack through the center of the earth. Please.

I was surprised to open the box and find that the tool came in its own little hardcover plastic case. Nice touch. There is, however, no branding on either the case or the tool itself. Only the product name appears on the single sheet of instructions; no company info is to be found anywhere on it. Hmmm. Doesn’t someone want to put their name on it?

The bottom line for now: Keep your money. I’ll continue to try this out as different projects warrant it. So, should I find something that makes me change my mind about my initial assessment, I’ll let you know.
Have you tried this out? How did it work for you?


MonkeyGirl said...

Why did you cut an aluminum can? Are you going to come up with a creative way to recycle your way into the tim ceiling?

Mama Martha said...

I was hoping for a new cutter for scrapbooking! Have fun with this and watch all your digits.

NV said...

MG -- Um, no. It was one piece of "light metal" that was handy to test on!

MM --Yeah. No dice for this one. I think it probably could take a fingertip off though!