Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Love My Nano

To say that today got off to a bad start would be sugar-coating it.

First, I couldn’t sleep. I finally gave up before 4:30. And then … well, you know the story between then and when I left for work. Our family shrank.

Second, I did not want to break down in front of the mother who was already upset enough between having spent yesterday with Uncle Bill and now, Tigger. So, though I willed them away, the tears fell on the bus. I got plenty of stares. Nice.

Third, while I could handle that, at the depot, the Brothers Weird boarded and WEIRDER SAT BEHIND ME. Directly behind me. Trying to look onto my computer, and muttering away to himself the whole time, occasionally going into that straight high-pitched Elmo voice at ear-shattering volume, mimicking everything the driver said. It was a little slice of Hell.

At one point, I almost moved even though I would have had to march to the back of the bus to get a seat. (The bus was kind of full this morning. Of course, it would be today.) I had to will myself to not spin around – Linda Blair style – and just yell, “CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT THE F**K UP?!” And I swear, if he had touched me, as he might have had I not been trying to type, I would have decked him. Clean-up on Aisle 5, man.

Instead, my Nano proved worth its weight in gold. Counting Crows, Sting, Chris Botti, Warren Zevon, and Paula Cole soothed my nerves the rest of the ride.

And work? Most people are nice there as a general rule, but people were SO nice and so understanding – it was a little overwhelming, but in a good way. A very good way.


MonkeyGirl said...

It warms my heart - to the core - every time you profess your love of the nano! You didn't deserve Weird and Weirder this morning (but I have to admit that it almost makes me want to drive over at the crack o'dawn just to ride the bus with you!

cd said...

I'm bringing the Rooster Rising Kindergartner (enjoys getting up at 5:45) to ride the am bus. He'll take care of Weird & Weirder. Six year olds state the obvious, logic which sometimes works. "That's NOT NICE". "Why are you looking at ME"? "Stop making sounds and mind your own bees wax". "I'm going to tell on you".

NV said...

MG -- It's still one of the best things anyone ever gave me. :-)
If you ever get past the almost phase, come ahead. There's usually seats!

cd -- Loving the RRK. and thanks for the photos. Those two are awesome! I like this sage wisdom, even at 6. And again, you both are welcome and can joing the MonkeyGirl. There's plenty of seats most mornings! :-)

Liz said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Tigger and the rough morning you had. Glad you had so many other people around (and the Nano!) who understood how difficult it is to lose a furry family member.

NV said...

Liz -- Thanks. Yes, I have been very fortunate in that respect.