Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Summer to Winter

It’s 28 degrees this morning and the windchill factor is around 20. In the grand scheme of things, for a morning in early March, it’s not that cold. Until you consider that 24 hours ago it was almost 60 degrees.

And 18 hours ago, it was 80. Yes. 8-0. It almost seems like we’ve imagined the past few days now.

The drastic drop in temperature has made it even more important to ensure that Tigger is comfortable. So far, so good on that count. That's due largely to the mother who's been a constant caretaker.

He was weak, but very responsive this morning. He and I had a good conversation and I didn’t even do all of the talking. He was his usual vocal little self. I don’t know if he even understood any of what I said to him, but when I’d finished, he turned his head sideways and rubbed it vigorously against my hand.

I think the message got through.


Mama Martha said...

NV, hears hoping that Tigger has a good day today. Sending prayers out for him and your uncle. And thank you for the card you sent my way.

Ty'sMommy said...

Hang in there, NV. I know its a rough road.

Ann said...

Aw, Tigger. That temp swing is just...unreal, almost.

Jayne said...

Tigger...poor baby. It was 18 here this morning when I got off work. Brrr! No sittin barefoot on the porch for me this week!

NV said...

MM -- Thanks! And you're very welcome. Just sorry it was late!

Ty'smom -- Thanks. Appreciate that.

Ann -- Yeah. My grand ole gent.

Jayne -- He's something, that one. And no. Barefoot isn't recommended for a while yet!