Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feels Like Monday

I know it’s Tuesday, but I would swear it’s Monday. The whole day has been a comedy of errors – more typical of a Monday.

It started out by raining, followed quickly by me losing my badge for work. It doesn’t have my name on it or company name on it so I don’t think any wrongful use can be gained from it. And it HAD to have slipped from my pocket on the bus. I realized I didn’t have it just as I reached the lobby this morning. And went immediately back out into the rain and retraced my steps all the way to where I exited the bus. Honestly, I can’t believe this has never happened before in nearly 8.5 years. Here’s hoping I can get it back.

I need to call them, or I might just ask my driver to radio it in tonight. (My regular evening driver should be back today.) I’ve been trying to call the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment for a workup, some of which requires fasting. Right now, it sounds like a case of sciatica, so I’m taking high doses of ibuprofen.

I feel a little better. I just have to get up a lot. Sitting for more than five minutes gets rough, unless I wiggle and squirm. (That’s going to be precious with a client in for meetings tomorrow. I’ll no doubt be the crazy woman who fidgets constantly.)


Anonymous said...

I just read your link to "sciatica" on Wikipedia and hope that if that's what you've got, it's a simple, easily-cured type! It's a bit intimidating!

Meanwhile, I'll be holding a good thought that you'll feel better soon. Please take care.

NV said...

Thanks, Star! I wasn't sure how many people would know what it was. (I didn't until 10 or 11 years ago.) When I tried to tell people at work, most were like, "huh?"