Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Sistahood

I’ve been very lucky. Blogging has put me in touch with tons of awesome people. Some that I know only in Cyberspace like Vicky, Ann, and Jayne. Or it’s put me in touch on a more regular basis with people I know in real life, like KayO, MamaMartha and sewwhat.

But among my regular readers – and commenters – I’m proud to include three of the very best friends in the whole world. You know them as cd, the MonkeyGirl, and plumbelieve. Both cd and the Monkeygirls (Mr. and Mrs.) have had active roles in This D*mn House projects. But get this, that’s not even half of ‘em! That’s right. There’s more! Four more to be accurate.

These seven fine ladies and I went to high school together. Our lives have now been intertwined for more than twice as long as they weren’t. And while the gatherings have tapered off over the years (due to conspiracies involving jobs, spouses, homes, weather, family vacations, and children) the bond is not diminished. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we last spoke five months ago or five minutes ago.

But the gatherings have tapered off. So, a serious nod to plumbelieve for taking the initiative in getting everyone together. She’s put a call out to regroup one Friday night next month. All eight have responded so far. (One of whom will be there in spirit only as she lives out west. A second may or may not make it due to a previous engagement. A third will come if the eldest daughter doesn’t have a game.) Not a bad showing at all. Now if we can all just get there.

I know it will be a great time.


Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Very cool! I have a dream of finding an online friend that I can hang out in real life with, too. How amazing that you are in such great touch with people from high school, too. You're truly blessed!

plumbelieve said...

You know me, whenever an opportunity for a party to break out, I am usually the one yelling surprise. It will be fun. I agree about "being blessed."

See you there.


Karen Anne said...

I had a great group of female friends when I lived in CA. We got together about once a month. But it seems that someone really has to take the responsibility for scheduling these things, otherwise it falls by the wayside.

NV said...

Katie -- I am indeed blessed. I hope you find a few friends over there. I can't imagine being that far from home for the long-term.

PB -- You know it. thanks again for setting this up.

KarenAnne -- You're right about that. And right now we're all in the work/family phase, which makes it even more difficult!

MonkeyGirl said...

I always thought Plumbelieve was someone you knew but I had no idea the true identity! It's all starting to make sense now!