Friday, March 27, 2009

Itchin’ for a Kitchen

The topic hasn’t been breached in a while, but, redoing the kitchen came up again last night. The mother restated her desire for new appliances, though I don’t know what we can get when she was stuck so unwaveringly on this model, an appliance that will not fit in This D*mn Kitchen.

I should have seen this coming, what, with the sighs followed by, "I wish my kitchen looked like that," whenever any HGTV show sports a nice, new kitchen, complete with stainless appliances.

I’ve yet to measure using this formula I found online to get a rough estimate as to what we need for countertops and she wants to go to some shop in a nearby town and look. I have no idea if $39/sq. ft installed is cheap for granite! (Somehow, she seems to think I know all this stuff as if this information should fall as trippingly from my brain as the questions seem to from her lips.)

OK. My brain is trying to add this up as we go. New appliances. Paint or stain for the cabinets. (We already have the new hardware for the cabinets as well as the sink fixtures.) New sink and countertop. And we haven’t even discussed flooring yet. I’d love to get ceramic or marble but I worry about putting that much weight down. D*mn. This is getting expensive fast.

“But I have to get my ceiling first,” she said suddenly. Huh? The Michelangelo Project likewise has been a non-discussion topic for a while. It, too, seems to be front-burner again. Of course it is. It is the mother’s preferred approach to projects, the one whereby there is complete and total chaos.

Nevermind that the family room is now jam-packed with supplies for her bedroom and mine, and the storage shed, as well as an assortment of yet-to-be-painted gingerbread for outside.

Oh, and lest we forget TWO pieces of furniture for said familyroom that are in need of assembly as is the new mantelpiece, that also needs to be stained. And, as an extra project bonus, the downstairs ceiling needs to be patched from adventures in electricity and the closet, built more than a year ago, still needs to be trimmed out. I’ve now made myself tired, just contemplating all of it.

By all means – let’s start on the kitchen. We don’t have anything else to do.

Speaking of kitchens … If you aren’t already a follower of Jayne over at The Kelly House (formerly Dainty Digs) now is a great time to start reading her adventures. Unfortunately for Jayne, weather has sidelined her porch and kitchen projects. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it also halts the adventures of Jayne and her ex, Mare, who is helping her with these efforts.

They’re on hold ‘til late next week.

Luckily, there already are two installments in what I dubbed Kellapalooza. And therein, I feel is also the beginnings of one hysterical play, or maybe even a sitcom, as Jayne has shown that her talents are not limited to her profession and DIY.


Anonymous said...

$39 is a pretty good price for granite installed. For what it's worth, when I was looking last year I went to a granite place around here. They had some types of granite for $24/sq ft. That was on sale and rock bottom (pardon the pun) for Uba Tuba. However, you might want to call a few places for their Uba Tuba price. Everyone carries it and it will give you a good idea of their relative prices without requiring you to make a visit!

And, whatever you do, stay away from Cabinet Guy.

Jayne said...

I hate to say this, but I'm like the mother when it comes to house projects..."total chaos", did you say? Yeah, that's me.

Thanks for the plug! No Kellapalooza til Thursday, but something wonderful all the same in the next post.

NV said...

Jen -- Thanks! That's some great advice and appreciate the input on the price. The CG warning made me laugh. Luckily, I think I'm safe. :-)

Jayne -- Yeah, the total chaos is a little much for me. I like doing a couple things at a time, finishing those, and then moving on to the next few. But, it always work out anyway!

Todd Fratzel, P.E. said...

$39 is a decent price depending on the grade of stone and if that price includes any of the other charges such as sink and faucet cut outs, edging, templating and delivery. Definitely shop around. I also tell my customers to visit stone shops and ask about remnants!

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