Monday, March 9, 2009

DIY in the News

Seems like when I spend time online searching for other things lately, I inevitably come across some kind of DIY/home improvement info. Today was no exception.

In these economic times, it’s hard to figure out what to do and how much to part with for a lot of us. I found some good information in this article given by a consultant from an aptly named business: Shoestring Design. There’s bound to be something in here or in the sidebar to trigger an idea or two!

Apparently, DIY clubs are becoming a popular trend. While I can’t claim membership in any such club, I know only too well how important help from family and friends can be. A lot of the things that were accomplished at This D*mn House last year would not have been without the help of CD, the Monkeygirls, and my cousin, Dago. Thanks again, guys!

This article has links to different ideas and how-tos for using brick in your home. I got a kick out of the paraphrased advice it gave from Tim Carter of “Ask the Builder” fame: He makes it very clear that putting up brick is not a job for an amateur, and is time-consuming and labor-intensive even for a professional.

Maybe he just means if you’re going to reside your house with brick – not if you were planning to cover your porch and replace a walkway, like, uh, some people did …

Then there are those who think maybe we shouldn’t do it ourselves at all.


Gene said...

Not in any clubs, but in a couple of weeks I'll be helping some fellow DIYers with a demolition project.

Why S? said...

The DIY club is a great idea for people who have friends with skills. Other than help lift things, I can't say I'd want many of my friends doing much of anything on my house.

NV said...

Gene -- That's awesome! You are quite the trooper considering the project you've been doing lately!

Why -- That made me laugh. My friends continue to surprise me with their DIY skills!

Anonymous said...