Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stuck to the Sofa

I'm seriously lacking in the motivation department. And I'm not getting any help from the sack of fur on his back, asleep at my hip. Or from the other sack of fur lying on the sofa, using one front paw to shield his eyes from the light of the front door. (At least he's not yowling.)

Yep. looking at these two makes me want to curl up and go right back to sleep.

But, while it's cloudy outside, it's exceedingly warm. (Around 70 and it isn't even noon,) It's also very windy, so not conducive to any kind of yard work. (Yeah. It's breakin' my heart. Can you tell?)

Instead, I think the mother and I will go check out a new boutique/deli in a nearby town. Sounds like a good way to pass a summery afternoon. Especially considering that it will all be over tomorrow. Thunderstorms roll into night.


MonkeyGirl said...

I know the feeling...I can't get up off the couch!!

Vicki said...

At least you're in your own home. I'm stuck selling cookies for two hours longer than I thought I would.

Mama Martha said...

The warmth seems to have energized me, either that or the 20 people coming over from church tomorrow night! Just spent a couple hours scouring the oven & microwave. Not like my normal self at all.
Vicki, hope you are warmer than we were last Sat. I worked the booth from 8-9 OUTSIDE in the frigid temps. I HATE those stores that won't let the girls come inside to sell cookies.

NV said...

It was good to finally get up off the couch, difficult though it was!

Anonymous said...