Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are We There Yet?

I did make it home last night but today – since it’s not a holiday – will be the true test of how this temporary route will work.

There are several new riders this morning and all but one of the regulars. It’s a pretty good crowd going on this adventure. Yesterday, we had a brief snarl on the interstate but other than that, we glided on through. Much better than the round-about way we go under ordinary circumstances.

You’d think that the route that has the shortest distance AND that spends the least amount of time in traffic would be the route of choice. It would seem it would use less gas and put less wear and tear on the bus, thereby saving money. Apparently, the transit district doesn’t see it that way. Good thing I’m not driving the bus, huh?

I need to see about rounding out the rest of my vacation for the year. I usually take the day after Christmas every year but since it falls on a Saturday this year, that’s not necessary. Think I’ll take that Monday instead. I either have five or six days left. It would be great to take a pair of them this month since we’re supposed to warm up again (between 60 and 70) after this weekend. That would give me some nice weather to paint and cut boards outside!

And I need to do both to finish the bathroom, and the mother will want to clean and paint Ladybird, so I sure hope the National Weather Service is right.

It would be nice to hit “normal” temps for this time of year again! Keep the 40s and 50s until next month ... at least.


karen said...

Glad you got home. I think we missed fall and went right to winter. I have not winterized the house yet. Or got straw to put in my dogs houses . They love to curl up in straw during the winter months. But I never got to the coop to get any yet. I do hope it warms up soon. And stops raining.

NV said...

Karen -- I think we're finally going to get a break in the rain, but not 'til Friday and a break in the unseasonable cold but not 'til Sunday.

I can wait. If I have to. I guess.

Anonymous said...