Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Response

UPDATE: I've corrected my gender faux pas thanks to your tips! *blushing in a not good way* Apologies to the late Mr. Kilmer. Make that Sgt. Kilmer who was KIA in World War I.

It was cool and overcast today. In addition to being sore and tired. Not much motivation to go outside and do the job I'd intended. So I slept and lounged instead.

My only productive activities for today will be feeding the animals and going to the grocery store. Yeah, not much. Unless you count creative activity.

I was whining about leaves yesterday. My dear friend PB took me to task and left me a comment with Joyce Kilmer's classic tree poem. I decided to offer a response of my own. One longer than a comment style. I'll even throw in a pic of the two saplings I mentioned yesterday, one of which already shed its leaves. (I picked those up with the mower last weekend.)

Now, for my response.

I know that I shall never see
The full beauty of what is a tree.
A tree whose leaves do fill my yard
Removal from the rocks is hard!
A tree that winds do clear all day
And blow its billion leaves my way
A tree that may in Summer fall
When stricken with a lightning ball.
And then with extra force could hurl
Itself upon my precious Pearl.
And neighbors with their power blowers
Send me what escapes their mowers.
So leaves are raked by fools like me
Joyce Kilmer can just stuff his tree.


Vicki said...

Yeah! Stuff it Joyce!

Jayne said...

I love it! Bwah ha ha ha!

Karen Anne said...

That would be Alfred Joyce Kilmer :-)

Sure wish I lived nearby so I could make off with those leaves.

De-Blurker Kate said...

I love it, too! It's hilarious!

sewwhat? said...

You need to get into making greeting cards, but yes, I thought Joyce Kilmer was a man, as Karen Anne confirmed. Entertaining, very entertaining!

karen said...

I love it. You go girl and take care of pearl.

plumbelieve said...

Very clever NV. I can see that I am in the minority here so I will just take my "Leaves Are Not Litter" campaign elsewhere. I am sure there is a global warming, tree-hugging, save the whales type of organization out there for my kind. :)

signed, CEO of Friends of the Forest Foundation

NV said...

Vicki, Jayne, Kate -- Thanks!

KarenAnne -- I'll even give you a contractor size bag and you can take all you want. :-)

sewwhat -- I'm still unsure whether I knew that or not. One thing is for sure, I won't forget now! Where's Star? She's the one who can tell me if I have a future with Gibson or Hallmark. (She used to be a greeting card writer.)

Karen -- Thanks! Yes, Pearl must be well cared for.

PB -- Leaves Aren't Litter. I like that! Glad you enjoyed my strictly tongue-in-cheek reply. :-)

Vanessa Rogers said...

I always like to try at poems but I am not very good at it. fun stuff!