Monday, October 12, 2009

Buy Me!

The weekend wasn’t a complete waste of time and effort: I bought a pumpkin!

I couldn’t stand it. While I was out shopping Saturday, this one SCREAMED at me. I’d walked past quite a few displays in the past couple weeks but this one practically reached out and grabbed me. So into the cart and then into the trunk it went.

I don’t know whether I’ll have the proper venue in which to carve it (also known as Bridget’s annual Pumpkins and Powertools party), but I figured that even if not, it can hang around through autumn. So, B., what's the verdict?

Trouble was that thing was COATED with dirt. I managed to knock a good chunk of it off in the box it came out of and even scraped a bit more of before I got to the car. Since I had Pearl, I even wrapped it in plastic. No way was THAT going uncovered into my pristine trunk! It’s a good thing I hadn’t yet drained the hose (and still haven’t; probably in the next week though). I sprayed it down yesterday and let it dry in the sun.

While it only got into the 50s, it was sunny and there wasn’t much wind. Overall, it was quite comfortable. So, in sweats, flip flops and a hoodie, I managed to wash Pearl, clean off the pumpkin, clear some stuff out of the shed and started to sand a few more of the kitchen cabinet doors.

I had time to do this yesterday since the mother decided not to go shopping after all. (The cool, damp weather has really been affecting her and not in a good way. Add to that, her friend who lived about a mile down the road, the one I could rely on to get her out of the house from time to time, just moved to South Carolina last week. I think the latter rather than the former is responsible for most of her discomfort.)

I also managed to pick up a few d*mn leaves. (Which reminds me. My dear friend CD sent this great column in Newsweek to me the other day. It made me belly laugh.) And I carted off Saturday’s clippings to the dump.

I even had a chance to backtrack through some of the past year’s projects and match them against categories in the project contest offering up 17 different categories. My porch and walkway – which you’re probably getting tired of hearing about and seeing – are currently their Featured Project of the Week! So, it’s already in the running. (Yeah, I know. I’m doing it again, so quickly after going down in flames in my last attempt.)

I’m even mulling over what other categories I can enter in, especially if I can get a few other projects (like the bathroom and the cabinets) done in the next few weeks. With all the crap that goes on and has gone on around here in just the past year or so, I’m bound to have something that could win one of them, right?

Check it out, you might want to enter, too. Each category will have a winner of a $100 Home Depot gift card and a grand prize winner (chosen from five overall projects) wins $1,000. Good luck!


Vicki said...

So how much wa your pumpkin if you don't mind me asking? They're about $4 here but were only $1 in Amish country.

Why S? said...

I'm amazed that that particular pumpkin called out to you through all the dirt. It must have been very loud.

I've got my jack-o-lantern design in mind. I just hope I can find a suitable pumpkin. I know exactly what it should look like. I've been obsessed with it.

modernemama said...

I can't do pumpkins, the squirrels come right up to the porch to eat them and make a huge mushy orange mess. They also drive the dogs crazy. It's a shame because I have a set of carvers from the dollar store that I used just once...

NV said...

V -- Not at all. It was $3.98 -- marked down from $5.98.

Why -- It was! I could only see the top half initially, had to move a lot of pumpkins to get to it, and then once I got to it, spent a minute or so brushing dirt away. Can't wait to see what you decided to carve!

Modernemama -- D*mn squirrels! They've never bothered ours.

De-Blurker Kate said...
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De-Blurker Kate said...

Bridget’s annual Pumpkins and Powertools party??? D*mn, that's something I'd like to see - sounds like too much fun!

Anonymous said...