Monday, October 26, 2009

That Was Quick

Hard to believe it’s Monday again already. Seems like it was just Thursday five minutes ago and I was staring down the prospect of a four-day weekend.

I didn’t get anything finished. I hate that. I had such high hopes for the weekend. But, I think I failed to mention that we also “reclaimed” the basement landing and stairs. That may not sound like much of an accomplishment but the roughly six square feet of space that are the landing, together with the first two or three steps, work something like a mudroom in a bigger home. It’s the first place you stop both leaving and entering through the backdoor.

That means it has become a virtual dumping ground for even more tools, hardware and paint supplies. It also makes it infinitely harder to navigate what I have termed “the stairs of death” leading to the basement. The steps are steep and jut out and in at such angles as to make carrying anything of significant weight a nightmare that you would sooner not have.
That said, that makes its clearing a real accomplishment.

But, now it’s back to work which, I’m healthily happy to return to as some new projects are on the horizon, much like the absolutely gorgeous sunrise I’m staring at right now. Let’s just hope no rain chases them away as quickly as the sunrise seems to have dissipated.

Setting my hat toward having a great week. You do the same!


Victoria said...

I hate those tedious little projects that take forever! But its one less project out of the way which is totally rockin. Another weekend will be here before you know it!

De-Blurker Kate said...

I think all the areas that got reclaimed is a HUGE accomplishment! Living in a small house makes every square inch of "internal real estate" precious. Our dumping ground tends to be the kitchen table & chairs which are right inside the door from the garage. Table = landing, chairs = steps. Ummm yeah, I can't remember the last time those were completely clear.

NV said...

Victoria -- I know! And you'd think it should only take a minute or two but it never does!

Kate -- Glad we aren't the only ones guilty of this. :-) And yes, every inch of space is PRIMO real estate around here.

Anonymous said...