Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Torn Between Two Ladders

Wait. I’m sure that’s a song. Torn between two ladders, feelin’ like a fool. I’d buy both of you, but I couldn’t store the two …

Or something like that.

I’ve been looking longingly at ladders (say that five times fast; dare ya!) for some time. The mother and I pretty much settled on the Werner line of telescoping ones because of the many things it could be used for both indoors (for the hallway to Heaven inside the backdoor) and out (think gutters, carport roof, etc.) It would mean we wouldn’t have to forever be borrowing from the neighbors’ collection of varying heights.

The mother was so sold on it she was going to surprise me with one for my birthday – but they didn’t have any in the store. Then we got busy with other things and forgot about it.

Supposedly, these things fold down small enough that they don’t take up any more room than our standard six-footer. Well, Amazon had to relight that fire by sending me an email directing me to their home and tools section. (D*mn them!) But, it looks like Home Depot might even have a better deal. And I could get it delivered free, no hassle to get it home!

That’s not where I’m torn. I can’t decide whether I should get the 17’ or the 22’ version. That doesn’t seem like a big jump, and the price difference is only about $30 yet it’s almost a whole “me’s” worth of difference. It seems like there’s a good mix of reviews on both sizes out there, so either one would likely do the job.

Considering our storage issues (the 8x10 shed that doesn’t have a lot of open floor space) I’m thinking less is more. Or, at the very least, enough.


Victoria said...

Meh. We have the 'Little Giant' ladder, which is basically... the same thing. I hate using that d*mn thing because its so heavy and awkward. It slides down to be a normal sized ladder but its still one heavy mofo. I hope yours is lighter..or maybe less awkward? Don't get me wrong- I use it for EVERYTHING, and it was a really useful buy.. more so then anything else thus far. But if I were you, I would go for the shorter version, since it might be a little lighter. I still haven't figured out the scaffolding feature. oh well.

Debbie said...

I can't remember what ladder I bought, other then it's 10', so I'm no help. I did buy it at Home Depot though.

Have fun choosing!

De-Blurker Kate said...

I have an 18' extension ladder & a 6' step ladder & lived in my ranch style house (with a 15' vaulted ceiling) for over 12 years. I've only had 2 painting projects that have required borrowing a taller ladder. So yeah, I think the shorter (and hopefully as Victoria said - LIGHTER) would be enough. Since I have weiny arms, weight would be the issue for me. And I store my ladders upright so very little floor space is needed.

Gene said...

Should have said "I've been looking longingly at ladders lately." :-)

Karen Anne said...

Thank you! Thank you! I had no idea that type of ladder existed. That's just solved my problem of how am I going to remove wallpaper paste/paint along the side of the stairwell. I think, I have to read the manual about the lengths.

This reminds me of when I saw fence guys using a sawzall for the first time. They make those things????? All these years I had been hand-sawing large branches because I was cowardly about chainsaws.

NV said...

Victoria -- yeah, I know they're pretty heavy. But so is my neighbor's extension ladder that we borrow at least once a year. I'm definitely thinking 17' is best. Glad you've had good experience with it!

Debbie -- It's tough sometimes. you don't always know what will work best!

Kate -- We use ladders all the time. (we're so d*mn short. It's just sad.) I like the many features these ladders offer. No need to have two or three different ones!

Gene -- You're so silly! :-)

Karen Anne -- Glad I could help. Our ceiling in the hallway at the backdoor leading to the basement is monstrously high! That is one of the projects we had in mind with this ladder!

De-Blurker Kate said...

Oops, sorry, let me clarify. I just meant that I've rarely needed anything over 18' so the 17 footer you're looking at would probably meet 99% of your needs without the extra weight. I think the kind of ladders you're looking at are awesome, especially for someone with stairs! I just wish I wasn't such a weakling & able to handle one more easily.

And I'm a little bit taller than you but I still have a 2' step ladder I drag all over this house, LOL.

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