Monday, October 5, 2009


A few months ago, I entered The One Project Closer Before and After Contest. I won the weekly prize. (I finally got to enter the porch and walkway that I didn’t finish until last year’s contest had ended.) Starting today though I’m in the running for a grand prize versus all the other weekly winners from this year’s event. And that’s saying a lot. WOW!

That’s where you come in – and where I need your help. Could you please visit them here and vote for me? I’m up against some considerable competition, including my good blogger buddy Why S? from The House on Red Hill. So if you can’t vote for me, vote for her!

It looks like you can only vote once (doesn’t appear this is a daily voting option) so if you could pass this along to some of our other friends, I’d really, really appreciate it.
And even if I don’t win, you know I’ll be back next year to enter that kitchen and bathroom! To steal the old Bartles and Jaymes line: “Thank you for your support.”


De-Blurker Kate said...

I was the first to vote this morning & of course, I voted for you. Aaaaand, it just let me vote for you again. I think I'll go back later & vote for Why S? also.

plumbelieve said...

Hey, I voted for you! It was fun to see the other transformations too.


De-Blurker Kate said...
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Anonymous said...

Just voted! Good luck!

The Real EMO said...

I was looking through the blogs of the other contestants and noticed this comment. My blog post was eerily similar to yours, but I didn't copy and paste from yours. I can see where there would be confusion and you are welcome to believe what you want, just wanted to clarify.

Just because the writing is similar, shouldn't automatically keep people from voting; but again, people make their own decisions.

Your makeover is great BTW!

Anonymous said...

Nicole - Just voted for your project...twice! I remember when you were doing this project and thinking how great it turned out. I hope you win. As of now, you're ahead! Yippee!

Renovation Therapy said...

I voted! :) If you Twitter this I'll RT it too.

De-Blurker Kate said...

NV - Sent you an email to the gmail address listed here on the blog

MonkeyGirl said...

I voted for you and I will be pimpin' you out to all my non-blogging friends!

Gene said...

Vote early and vote often! :-)

Jayne said...

Um, not to start a comment war or anything, but since EMO said we're welcome to believe what we want: I believe EMO's post is clearly not his/her own work product. There. I feel better having said that.

Oh yeah, and I'm voting for you and Why S?, too!

NV said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The support is awesome ... just hope we can keep it up. (I'm solidly in third at the moment.) Voting runs through FRIDAY.

And while I also appreciate the support re: the post about the post, let's not start a comment war. I'm perfectly willing to let it drop, so please, do the same!


NV said...

Kate -- Bless you! Imagine my surprise when I logged on and found the contest active and that I already had TWO votes.

PB -- Thanks. Yes! There are a lot of great projects out there and some good stories with them.

kspin -- Thanks!

EMO -- Water under the bridge. Thanks!

Star, JeanM, MG, Gene, Jayne -- You all rock for a variety of reasons.

Kate -- THANK YOU for that. Remember my "Validation" post? (kspin, you'd love the fact that Kate gave me just that!) :-)
Way to make a sister feel good.

Why S? said...

Thanks, NV, for the support. Very generous of you. And thanks too to Kate and Jayne.

And thanks for the memory of Bartles and Jaymes. Good times.

Anonymous said...