Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

It feels strange to have spent an entire weekend the way that “normal” people – or the way that I imagine those who aren’t in the throes of remodeling projects – do.

After Saturday’s full day of adventures, I got to bed late. I got up early (considering how late I’d gone to bed) started doing those household things that we all do, taking care of the zoo, and then got ready to shop with the mother. Oh yes. We did. Finally.

She nearly has all of the Christmas shopping done. And this is late for her – she’s usually at this stage in the game in late August. Makes me sick. I've barely thought about what I need to do. In fact, I'm still struggling with getting a Halloween/birthday gift mailed! (Not helping is the fact that I now have all the contents ready, I just grabbed the wrong bag this morning to try and find an appropriate box to pack it in. Sigh.)

Any day that I get to go into a scrapbook store is a good one and yesterday qualifies. Logged a few minutes in Archiver’s and found some great, round plastic containers in their bargain bin that will help free up some space in one of my scrapping bags. I made that transition, using one of the new containers, last night and it worked great!

The weather was also gorgeous all weekend. It was cloudy and cool Saturday but it got sunny and climbed into the 50s. Yesterday was sunny and pleasant. And today? That starts a warm-up that will have as at or near 70 the next few days. YAY! I am SO excited. But, having the cold weather last week meant that the grass didn’t grow. That meant I didn’t have to mow over the weekend. Ahhhhh.

But the lag in activity was only temporary. I’m taking a few vacation days later in the week which means work will be busy the next few days and then I’ll be solidly busy with the house again. I have a date with a bathroom. Not one I’ve been looking forward to either, but one I hope that will put one gigantic slash through a major “to do” on my list.

It was an awfully nice break though!


Mama Martha said...

It was a fun day scrapping on Sat. Thanks for sharing it with me. Can't wait to see that countdown clock. Are we there yet?

De-Blurker Kate said...

SO glad you enjoyed your break. And here's to that good feeling from crossing items off that list! Can't wait to see the finished loo. ;)

NV said...

MM -- I had a blast, too. Making Crop Camp that much closer!

Kate -- Yeah, now all I need is to get motivated to DO something.

Anonymous said...