Tuesday, October 13, 2009

‘Pimped’ – The Final Episode

In all the chaos that was Project Genesis, I realize I never did share with you the right proper pimpin’ that Lawrence did to literally top off all my work on the storage shed. So, without further ado, here’s another (and hopefully final) installment of “Pimp My Shed.”

We’ll start off with a recap. You may recall the saga of the storage shed that started last fall. I managed to get the inside shored up with new framing and plywood walls and did the same thing for the outside rear of the structure. We even got the backside painted. But then that’s where work stopped. Until this spring.

I spent some vacation time siding the outer walls. (Thanks to my fab friends CD and the MonkeyGirl, I was able to bring home most of the PVC vinyl boards I needed to complete the residing job.) This is what the shed looked like back in April.

Then, I got it to this point – completely sided – and the mother came behind me and painted. After that, I added the trim. (Crappy, but it’s white, it’s fastened, and it keeps the water away from the trim gaps!) That was at the end of July.

Then, while I was up to my eyeballs with Genesis, I had Lawrence apply the finishing touches – the special order vinyl scallop siding is now all used. We had just enough! (This matches the scallops on the front of the house – over the porch – and on both sides. That's the job these few sheets were left from.)

And there you have it, my completely pimped-out shed. It’s still a little rough (Lawrence did a lousy caulk job) and I have some screwheads to paint over, but … it’s done! You know, I think this is going on my list of projects to enter in that contest!


karen said...

Your shed is nicer than my house. Very good job.

sewwhat? said...

Who knew a shed could look that cute? Or that someone could care enough to make it look that cute? Good job, my dear!

Victoria said...

that looks great! When can I schedule you to do mine? LOL

De-Blurker Kate said...

Love it! Especially the scallop & trellis. Great details.

I THINK the beginning of your "shed pimpin'" is what brought me to your blog to begin with. I was looking for ideas on what to do with the 2-story monstrosity in my back yard.

elaine said...

You DID get it done. It DOES look great. It IS ALL BE WORTH IT in the end! Way to stick out for the long haul, Honey!

NV said...

Karen -- I'm sure that's not true! Thanks!

sewwhat -- Thank you! I can't take credit for the aesthetics of the job. I just didn't want it to fall down. :-)

Victoria -- Thanks -- and no thanks! Definitely not quittin' my day job.

Kate -- That's too funny! Well, then, I'd say I got a bonus. :-)

Elaine -- THANKS! It's so awesome to get ANYTHING done. Too many irons in the fire ... preachin' to the choir on that one, aren't I?

Cairo Typ0 said...

Hi, here from BPOTW! :)

Your shed looks great! You have a really great eye for detail. :)

bettyl said...

All sheds should look so cute!!

Anonymous said...