Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It was beautiful today. Sunny and 60s and the fall colors are starting to pop out all over the place. Like here.
And here. I'm loving the reds and golds and yellows mixing in with the last of the greens.

Fall mananges to elicit SO many different colors from the plant life. It's one of my favorite things about the seasonal change. (OK maybe one of the only things about the season that I DO like. That, and getting to wear some of my favorite sweaters again.)

It's almost impossible to walk past a window in our building and ignore the changes going on. It's as if the colors, which have lain dormant so long, have suddenly and magically appeared again.

I love downtown anyway but nothing compares to the colors that emerge in both spring and fall. They are so magnificent they even manage to make a landmark, one that I mostly take for granted because I see so much of it, even more beautiful. Check this out.


Victoria said...

Oh how incredible! What a beautiful shot NV. You should enter that into a contest or something!

karen said...

So pretty. My son would love these pictures. He is going to be an engineer and anything to do with building he loves. I have so many pictures of the arch from all differant angles you would not beleive. You have a great spot to take a picture he will be jeolous.

De-Blurker Kate said...

Gorgeous pictures! And yeah, sweater weather makes living in the finicky Midwest easier.

Anonymous said...

Holy Fear of Heights!

As a kid, my family and I stopped in St. Louis and decided to go up that there arch. Only it was windy, and that freaked my dad right out, so we were up there about 5 minutes. Maybe less. And then we rode back down in those cars that gently rock you to sleep.

I had no idea you were near St. Louis . . .

sewwhat? said...

I was pointing out the colors of the trees to the grandkids today on my pick-up day--they were excited to see the yellows and reds, especially the burning bushes, they are truly spectacular this year! Thanks for the pictures from up on high!

Jayne said...

Nice ladder truck SLFD's got there. Leaves? What? Oh yeah, those are really pretty.

NV said...

Victoria -- Thanks! The street scene is what I see from my window. The others are from another office.

Karen -- Yeah, our building does offer some good skyline access!

Kate -- Thanks. Yep. It's definitely sweater weather.

COG -- Oh yeah. Been in the same 20 mile radius my whole life. I'm in St. Louis almost every day.

sewwhat -- thanks! I'll bet the M*Ms like the colors.

Jayne -- You would notice the firetruck. LOL! :-)

Anonymous said...