Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Wet, Whiny Wimp

Note to self: replenish sock supply.

Today’s weather is a carbon copy of Tuesday’s, except it’s a bit colder (low 50s versus low 60s). I’m pretty sure I have some dry brown socks tucked away. (I used the black pair on Tuesday.) I’m not nearly as wet though, which is a good thing.

I woke in the night (courtesy of pouring rain and a growling dog) in pain. Imagine the worst toothache you’ve ever had. Now, transfer that pain to a bone in your body. Yeah. That’s how my left hand (from fingers to elbow) feels today. It doesn’t get this way very often but when it does …OUCH! I had a very hard time going back to sleep and an even more difficult one getting up once I did.

As a kid, I broke that arm about six times (give or take) and once in two places. My doctor (who cared for me starting with the second break at age 7 until his retirement when I was 27) told me for years that he didn’t think I’d have much use of that side past age 30. Fooled him, huh?

I used anti-inflammatories for several years but they ate my stomach up so bad I had to stop taking them. All these years later, I’m wary of starting again. (Have you heard the commercials for some of this sh*t? They might as well just market it as “designed to kill you.” We have a family friend who is having health issues now courtesy of one of the drugs I took briefly. I’m glad I stopped.)

So, it’s just plain old ibuprofen this morning. That is bad enough for you, but I try not to take it very often. Hoping it will at least take the edge off.

I’m a lousy typist at best and with an almost non-functioning hand, it’s even worse. It’s taking longer to correct my mistakes than to write this. Wimp! I’ll quit whining for now.

Wishing you all safe and dry.


Mama Martha said...

I think this weather calls for a day of uninterrupted cropping! Too bad we have to wait a nother week. Hope you feel better soon

Ty'sMommy said...

Oh NV, you poor thing! I can feel your pain, I've had similar problems with my knees, and this weather always seems to bring it out. I hope you get back up and running soon!

cd said...

Instead of Ibuprofen try Naproxen. It's via prescription, but I have better results and no tummy issues. Hang in there.

Vicki said...

Yikes! and Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. I had problems with my knees for several years after running two years of cross country. Not sure if it will come back in future years or not.

karen said...

I took Ibuprofen this morning too. For a migraine and a pain in my elbow. I think I have tennis elbow but I don't play tennis.
Mom's tummy couldn't that anti-inflammatory drugs either. I think we will have to stick to the Ibuprofen. Tyenol just don't do it.

Kris said...

NV - I hope the Ibuprofen did it's job and helped somewhat. Nothing worse then being in pain. Hang in there! Kris

De-Blurker Kate said...

Geez, I was a very accident prone kid (um, read klutz) but you've got me beat on the broken arms, I had more of a variety of broken bones. Sure hope the ibuprofen kicked in for you.

I'm glad to know there's another lousy typist out there besides me.

Karen Anne said...

Yikes. And I've been whining about a torn ligament and typing with one hand.

Not that I'm trying to send anyone down the path to drug addiction, but I have a prescription for Vicodin that I use extremely sparingly. Sometimes there is a pain issue that is just mind destroying, and 1/4 or 1/2 Vicodin makes it go away, and perhaps more importantly seems to break the cycle of pain feeding on itself.

I probably go thru 1/2 Vicodin a month, so I am not, cross fingers, spiriling down into addiction, I think.

sewwhat? said...

My doctor told me to start taking Prilosec to countact effects of pain meds, and it works. Don't know if that is something you'd like to try. $1 a day to keep the tummy ache away--it's worth it for me.

C&C said...

Ouch! You've probably tried everything but, have you tried putting one of those adhesive heat patches on?

NV said...

MM -- I know! I can't wait.

Ty'mommy -- Thanks. slowly but surely but now this d*mn rain is coming back again.

CD -- Did that in the form of Naprosyn for years ... and then it quit working.

V -- What is it with KNEES? Those are acting up, too. Getting old I guess.

Karen -- Yeah. Tylenol definitely has its limitations although I do take their arthritis formula every once in a while. Seems to work.

Kris -- It DID help some. Thanks! I know you could write a volume on pain.

Kate -- Oh, that was just THAT arm! We joke that if DCFS had been then the way they are now, my poor mother would have had a mess on her hands just from my ER records. And yes. I suck as a typist which is why I was given an editor's eye. :-)

Karen Anne -- I don't think you're in danger of addiction. Sounds like a sound plan to me. I have been known to take a reduced dose of prescription meds when I have extreme pain.

sewwhat -- Yeah, but the worst part of the drug in question is that is now being linked to a variety of health issues way beyond stomach issues. So I think I'll struggle on!

C&C -- Hey, you, welcome back! Funny that you mention those. Got some over the weekend and they have definitely taken the edge off.

Anonymous said...