Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Basics

When the going gets tough, the tough ... go shopping.

Yes, that's right. Preparing to go shopping with the mother. So, all I've managed to do this weekend is get the yard cut and trimmed (trimmed for the LAST TIME this year, thankyouverymuch). And I went household shopping.

Now the mother wants to go shopping. Mind you, I really should be doing something with that bathroom. But, I did push yesterday. Hard, too, considering how bad my left forearm and hand were hurting. On part of my household detail yesterday, I bought a pack of heat wraps and some heat patches. Niiiiiiiice. Doesn't make it go away, but certainly helps a lot.

So, another weekend with little done.


De-Blurker Kate said...

Yard cut AND trimmed AND household shopping is pretty good considering the bum arm & anti-nap conspirators. YAY for heat wraps & patches. I Hope you found something FUN to buy while out with the mother, or at least something that makes you smile.

karen said...

YOu did more both days than us. So you did good.

Debbie said...

My daughter and I shopped till we dropped yesterday. My check book can't take any more. lol

Hope you had fun!

cd said...

All work and no play made Jill a dull girl. Retail therapy is the best. Hoping you bought new shoes, those always make my aches and pains go away.

Victoria said...

Hey hey now.

Shopping is hard work.

NV said...

Kate -- The pumpkin was about as fun as weekend purchases got, but that's cool enough for me!

Karen -- thanks. My to-do lists always seem to be much bigger than I am.

Debbie -- Sounds like your daughter had a good birthday!

CD -- Yeah, I'm not liking a lot of the fall shoe variety. Hoping that's going to change soon.

Victoria -- It certainly CAN be, especially when lots of others are out, too.

Anonymous said...