Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feels Like Friday

Today is my Friday for the week. I’m taking vacation the next two days My plans are to work on the bathroom but the mother has added so many other things to the roster I’m not sure how much of that I’ll be doing.

The sky is so pretty this morning. Some of the only consolation for being up and in motion this early is the privilege of watching the sun break through the clouds and rise in the sky. That’s also one of the only consolations of the colder weather. I’m not sure what atmospheric change accounts for it, but the morning sky seems to be a lot prettier when it’s colder.

Yesterday is a blur. I went in a bit earlier so that I could take Ladybird to the carwashers and get her weatherized. That will be one last thing the mother has to do. They do such a great job and this time was no exception.

Work was really busy and I had a good day. I even got to leave early, got out ahead of the traffic (for the most part) picked up dinner for the mother (surprised her with fish; not my thing) and made it to the DMV to renew Ladybird’s plates. And I still got home before I would ever have left St. Louis under normal circumstances.

That gave me some time to pay attention to Pearl whom I’id neglected to wash over the weekend. And I need to add a correction here: Yesterday's temps got into the upper 70s! 7-0! (Wish it would stay that way.) So I had just enough daylight and warmth of the day left to get that job done.

It was nice to stand across the street this morning – noting, of course, that the carport is NOT falling down – and admire the TWO clean cars sitting there. Yay!


karen said...

Ok! our turn. Come to my house and wash my cars. They need it bad. have a great long weekend.

Victoria said...

Gosh. You love your cars so much. I just cleaned my truck out the other day and its already back to the way it was!

I hope you get to work on your bathroom- I know its something youve been looking forward to! ;)

De-Blurker Kate said...

I swear, a person can get worn out just reading about all that you get done some days. And yeah, I bet that stable carport is a HUGE relief!

NV said...

karen -- LOL! These two are more than I can keep up with.

Victoria -- I like to think that if you're good to them ...

Kate -- Well, trust me, I'm making up for it lately. I need to get myself moving again!

Anonymous said...