Monday, October 26, 2009


The weekend was in large part about reclaiming things. It didn't get my bathroom finished, mind you, but it has made the house infinitely more livable.

On Saturday, the mother made me take her shopping AGAIN. (Yeah, I know.) We went to several places (including hardware stores so it was justifiable DIY time) and spent a lot of time in Borders. (More on that in another post.)

That night, she began trying to reclaim the dining room, currently chock full of not only DIY materials, but Halloween and Christmas gifts. She put in a major dent.

On Sunday, we reclaimed the kitchen counters (freeing them of paint tools and supplies, tools, hardware, dropcloths and other odds and ends). Some of the items that will ultimately live there were put into place. BIG change. Huge.

We continued reclaiming the dining room and almost -- almost -- found the table again. I began trying to reclaim my room by doing a boatload of laundry and starting the summer-to-winter clothing transition.

And Sunday night, I reclaimed Ladybird. She'd been staycationing in my late uncle's garage after having visited the carwasher and getting some paint touch-up love from the mother. That gave her a lot of time to really dry and kept her out of the d*mn rain that just can't seem to let up for more than 24 hours at a time. REALLY getting sick of it. (This is officially the wettest October on record in St. Louis. As of late Sunday night, we had 8.55 inches for the month with no sign of stopping and several days still left in the month.)

It was strange to see Ladybird's spot empty for so many days. I feel bad for her now that she's left out in the rain. Poor thing.


MonkeyGirl said...

I reclaimed the floor of my closet - er, I mean our closet! It is so nice to be able to find both the left and the right shoe without digging through a pile. the bad news is that the Mr. walked in when I had all of the shoes out of the closet -uh, oh, he now knows how many pairs I really have -eeek!

NV said...

MG -- Rutro! Yeah, I shudder to think how many the mother has. Imelda Marcos had got nothin' on her.