Thursday, October 1, 2009

On Hiatus

It’s cool this morning and damp, not cold like yesterday (mid 50s vs. upper 40s). And the sun isn’t even up yet. Not that you could really tell if it was, the cloud cover is so thick.

It’s supposed to be rainy today and it was sprinkling a bit when I walked out of the door. For Lawrence’s sake, I hope it isn’t a downpour. He’s looking forward to taking out his boat and doing some fishing for a few days, a little “last hurrah" to the season.

And so, the at least a month-long Lawrence hiatus begins today. He’s planning to fish, then he and his wife are visiting someone and then she is having surgery when they get back. He’s going to call me when he’s ready to roll again.

Even so, he won’t be completely without work for This D*mn House. Before he left, he loaded up the boards I bought that will make up the frames of the new faces on the kitchen drawers. (Some kind of dado bit on his table router will make the edge we need. I'm router-illiterate so I have no idea how this works.) Pretty cool, huh?

We may get severe storms later and they even said the dreaded “h” word last night (hail). It was almost as if the mother was reading my mind. “If it looks like it is going to get real bad and hail, we can always take (Pearl) over to Uncle Bill’s,” she says, literally taking the words out of my mouth.

Yes, my late uncle’s garage is car-free now as they sold his car two weeks ago. We have a door opener to it because the garage has been the mother’s base of operations while she’s been helping out over there painting and cleaning and trying to do some cosmetics to get it ready to sell.

The good news is that, at least for now, they’ve taken rain out of the weekend forecast until Sunday night. Works for me. That means I can do the bit of cosmetic work that needs to be done out in the carport. I need to start making a list of things I’ll have to pick up beforehand.


Victoria said...

Florida has the strangest weather- we only get hail during summer rainstorms. This year they were dime sized and lasted about 10 min, of course I was stuck in traffic so there wasn't much that i could do apart from cringe the entire time. I hope you guys don't get any hail this weekend for your sake. :)

karen said...

We are under a thunderstorm watch . So I guess it is going to be a loud night all over.

NV said...

Victoria -- Thanks! luckily, the severe weather never came. Whew!

Karen -- It does like to beat up the middle of the country, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...